How to Be Aware of Fraudulent and Dishonest Long Distance Movers?

“To know how to stay away from misleading and rogue movers and packers, please read this article without any delay”.

The moving industry is thriving with prospects and there are plenty of companies out there in the market. But as I always say, you need to do your research to find out the best. Sometimes people get into the trap of saying yes to a moving company just because it has provided a cheap bid. But cheap always does not mean good. Plus, you need to check the credentials and the reviews and ratings of the company to understand whether they are worth hiring on not.

Always keep in mind that you will allow them into your abode as well as letting them handle your precious belongings. This is the reason why you should always watch out for rogue movers.

If you keep an open eye, they are quite easy to spot and there are some movers that do not have a license. You must be a little conscious so that you do not end up falling into the trap of bad company.

They are not licensed:

One of the first things that you should check is whether the company is licensed or not. If they cannot provide you with the license number, it means that they are probably not licensed. The company should also be insured and there is no reason why you shouldn’t ask them about it directly.

The offer is too good to be true:

If they provide an extremely low bid, you have reasons to raise your eyebrows. It could mean that they will charge hidden charges at the end of the relocation, etc.

So be very careful and do a proper inspection before you hire them. Get quotations from 5 to 6 professional long distance movers in Los Angeles, so that you can only settle for the best. If they have given your contract, go through it properly. Many fraudulent movers provide incomplete or blank contracts to get you into the trap.

They do not offer valuation coverage:

The best long distance movers Los Angeles must offer valuation coverage. It would ensure that you can protect our belongings. If they don’t, you should look out for some other moving company.

There are complaints with the BBB:

If there are complaints on Google, Yelp, or BBB, you have enough reasons to consider it as a red flag. You should always check the credentials of a moving company before hiring affordable movers in Los Angeles.

They cannot provide you with a reference:

This is yet another red signal to watch out for. The professional must be able to provide you with a list of happy and satisfied customers.

They do not provide a bill of lading:

Yes, obviously this is a huge red flag. It is an official contract between you and the cheap movers Los Angeles.

They demand an upfront charge:

The long distance moving companies might ask for a token amount to start with their work but if they ask for the total amount upfront, it is your time to run. You should also be able to track the package when in transit.

Information is hard to find online:

These days, in the age of social media presence, if you cannot find their existence online, then it is a problem.

No physical address of office:

It is your duty as a customer to visit them in their office to understand their workflow. But if there is no mention of a physical address on the website, run from that company. They should also have a cargo protection policy and must own their own vehicles. Hiring a dishonest moving company is worse than moving by yourself.

So make the right choice when it comes to affordable long distance moving companies in Los Angeles.

Author Bio: Mia is a blogger on the best long distance movers and professional movers in LA. To choose the best long distance moving companies in Los Angeles, read her blogs and articles now.

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