How to block a phone number with iPhone and Android

How to block a phone number with iPhone and Android

How to block a phone number with iPhone and Android, Unwanted calls and text messages can be a real pain – here’s how to block them on your iOS and Android devices

Whether it is the usual call center that tampers us with calls to propose new offers or a person who is in your address book,

but with whom you do not intend to interact, the most effective solution is to block the phone number.

This operation can be carried out on both iPhone and Android smartphones,

following simple steps that allow you to create lists of ” Blocked contacts “. By using the right settings, you will be able to block unwanted incoming calls, as well as text messages.

Although the methods are different for iOS and Android devices, the result is always the same.

The bother on duty is placed on a black list and his calls di Lui are diverted directly to the answering machine, without receiving any notification.

The SMS instead will not be delivered, but above all the blocked contact will not know of the limitation you have set on his phone number.

In this way, you will no longer find missed calls and unwanted text messages on your iPhone or smartphone.

Here’s how to block a phone number on iOS and Android.

How to block a phone number with iOS

The iPhone’s iOS operating system allows you to block not only phone numbers but also contacts and email addresses.

It also offers the ability to report unwanted iMessages, such as spam, and filter incoming SMS from unknown senders.

There are several ways to block unwanted contact attempts, let’s see some of them in detail.

Phone, how to block/unblock a contact

Enter the Phone app, select the Recent item, and tap the “i” symbol next to the number or contact you want to block.

A menu will open: scroll to the bottom and select the “Block contact” option.

The contact will then enter a “blocked ” list, which you will need to access when you want to enable incoming calls again.

To do this, go to Settings, select Phone, and then “Mute call”. You will find the item “Blocked contacts”,

selecting it you will see the relevant list, and scrolling to the left the “Unblock” option will appear. Tap it to unblock the phone number.

FaceTime, how to block/unblock a contact

iPhone FaceTime app also allows you to block unwanted senders.

To do this, open the app, and tap the “i” symbol next to the phone number, contact, or email you want to block.

From the menu that opens, scroll down to select “Block contact”. To consult the list of blocked contacts, you will have to go to Settings,

select FaceTime, then Calls, and tap Blocked contacts. Once in the list, you can add a new contact to block from “Add contact” at the bottom, or by swiping the desired contact to the left, proceed to unblock it.

Messages, how to block/unblock a sender

If you want to block an unwanted sender in the Messages app, you will need to open the conversation, tap the contact at the beginning of the conversation, and then the “i” symbol.

Tap the name, phone number, or email and scroll the screen to the “Block contact” option.

To access the black list, open Settings, go to Messages, and then in the SMS / MMS section tap “Blocked contacts”.

From the list you can add a new contact to the blocked ones, or by scrolling to the left select the “Unblock” option that appears.

The Messages app also offers the ability to filter incoming SMS from unknown numbers or senders that are not among your contacts.

To do this, go to Settings, then go to Messages and activate the “Filter unknown senders” option.

In the app, you will see a new panel called “Unknown” where the SMS will be stored, but you will not receive any notification.

How to block a phone number with Android

To block a phone number on Android devices, to avoid receiving unwanted calls and SMS, is actually very similar to the procedures described for an iPhone.

The logic is the creation of a list of blocked contacts to which we can add the number that bothers us, or from which we can unblock it.

Android also provides a function that allows you to filter incoming calls, automatically blocking calls from private numbers or from unknown numbers, following the simple steps that we will now explain.


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