How To Pick The Best Dry Cleaning Company To Keep Your Wedding Dress Clean

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One of the most important days of your life is your wedding day, so it seems that you’d want to cherish the memories. While images and recordings of your special day will last a lifetime, your wedding dresses in Perth can serve as a much more intimate and personal keepsake. Many women believe that their marriage officially begins the minute they don their wedding gown. You can maintain your dress for a long time with the correct cleaning procedures and storage solutions. How will you pick the ideal dry cleaning out of all the options? Before making a decision, take into account the following five factors.

1.Has The Dress Shrunk In Some Places?

The bodice or corset of many wedding gowns tends to shrink slightly, which is a common problem. This typically happens when fibres come into contact with water from sweat, rain, or spilled liquids like drinks. Men’s shirt collars frequently shrink, and several dry cleaners have unique procedures to return materials to their former size. You should get in touch with one of these specialised cleaners if you want your clothing returned to its original size.

  1. Does the business employ harmful chemicals?

If you want to know if a dry cleaning company uses conventional cleaning agents, ask them. For most things, conventional dry cleaning solvent is acceptable; however, it can react with your garment. Your clothing can fade, become less silky, or even shrink due to this. The best companies will utilise inert cleaning agents that won’t cause your dress to react chemically. When you look at your outfit in 20 years, it will still look fantastic.

  1. Does the cleaning respect the environment?

Not all inert cleaning agents are safe for the environment. You should ask a company if their items are as a follow-up query. Your dress will look brighter and feel softer after being cleaned using green methods that are non-allergenic. When you preserve it, this is just what you need. The newest environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are silicone-based and friendlier to your garment.

  1. Does The Company Offer Delivery And Collection?

A company’s degree of customer service is the only thing that distinguishes it from a perfect one. If a company checks all four criteria, you might choose them based on their collection and delivery service. You’ll know you’ve discovered the ideal company when they offer to pick up and deliver your dress.

You should choose one of the dry cleaning services in Perth rather than cleaning your unique wedding dress alone because they can help return the garment to its original size and form with their expert touch. One such business offering effective and flawless dry cleaning services in West Australia is Legends Bridal .At Legends Bridal we offer a Dry Cleaning service so you can make sure your wedding dress continues to look amazing after your big day.

After your wedding just bring your gown into our store for cleaning, please phone the store for more information prior to bringing it in for a quote.

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