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Best Google Ads Management Services Company is further evolving exact match. In the age of automation and machine learning, this match will now include query intent on searches that include implied words, paraphrases, and other terms with the same meaning.

1. Exact Match Evolutions

Over the years and through machine learning, Google has been able to evolve its notion of an exact match for keywords. Historically, the targeting of the latter was limited to a single meaning, ie the keyword had to correspond exactly to the query used by the Internet user.
Fortunately for advertisers, this correspondence has evolved significantly:
• 2014: inclusion of plurals, misspellings, and other similar variations appeared
• 2017: the algorithm was able to ignore prepositions, conjunctions, and other articles
September 6, 2018: Google announced a new update with the consideration of searches including implicit words, paraphrases, or other terms with the same meaning.
To give you an idea of this new panel of possibilities, here is an example allowing you to understand the extent of this evolution:

The example here is for the exact query [yosemite camping]. Indeed, the purchase of this keyword in the exact match will now lead to the distribution of the ad for the following queries:
• National campground”, this is a search with an implied word

2. The reasons for this change

At Best Google Ads Management Services Company, machine learning and machine learning are built into the search engine’s DNA. This change is therefore logically in line with the evolution desired by the platform. It will be used in particular to train the algorithms on the intentions of Internet users.

Following internal studies, Google was also able to observe that more than 15% of its daily searches were new. That’s why by expanding the scope of exact matches, advertisers will then have a better chance of showing their ads on these new searches, without having to create exhaustive lists of keywords.

This change is primarily for advertisers not prospecting for keywords through the use of broad or modified broad matches. Another advantage, the update will generate more revenue for the Giant of the Web.

Google will be rolling out this change through October for English keywords, with additional languages in the coming months. The one big unanswered question is how much longer Google will keep the exact phrase…
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It could not be easier. After downloading the application to your computer, you must log in to the Google account where your MCC (Multi-account Center) or Best Google Ads Management Services Company account is located. A tab opens, with a code.


Indeed, with simple copy-paste and bulk edits, you can save time when you have to manage accounts with many campaigns, ads, and keyword lists.

You can also find and replace text.

bulk edit google ads editor

Finally, you also have the option of downloading a file in CSV format, by going to the “import” part of the main banner. This allows you to work with larger volumes of data.

You can even work on several accounts at the same time, if necessary.

Once you have finished making all the changes or creations of campaigns, ad groups, and other actions on Google ads Editor, be sure to check your work. To do this, simply go to “account” and “check for changes”.

It is therefore important to check your work carefully beforehand because importing implies that you will not be able to go back unless you redo changes to the software or your account.

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