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Immediately transfer Chandigarh to Punjab

Bhagwant Mann to Centre

Chandigarh City was made as the capital of Punjab and at whatever point a state separated. The capital stayed with the parent express, the goal moved by the Punjab Assembly read.

Punjab boss clergyman Bhagwant Mann on Friday moved an authority goal in the Punjab. Gathering on the quick exchange of Chandigarh to Punjab. Sticking to the opinions of individuals and keeping up with congruity. At the point when a state separated before, the Capital stayed with the parent express, the goal said.

Yet again for keeping up with concordance and considering the opinions of individuals, This house prescribes to the state government to raise the matter with focal government to promptly. Move Chandigarh to Punjab,” read the goal.

After Amit Shah’s ‘uplifting news’ in Chandigarh, AAP’s Sisodia says: ‘BJP frightened’

Bhagwant Mann to Centre

“Chandigarh City was made the capital of Punjab,” it said, adding, “In every past point of reference. At whatever point, a state partition, the capital remaining parts with the parent state. Punjab, subsequently, has been laying its case for complete exchange of Chandigarh to Punjab,” it said.

Chandigarh the joint capital of Punjab and A large number of haryana cut out of Punjab in 1966 the regions.

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The goal additionally mentioned the Center to respect the standards of federalism revered. In the Constitution and not to make any strides which might upset the equilibrium in the organization. Of Chandigarh and that of other normal resources like BBMB (Bhakra Beas Management Board). The one-day unique meeting assembled by the Punjab government on this issue.

On Sunday, Union home pastor Amit Shah the assistance states of the workers of the Chandigarh. Organization presently be to that of the Central Civil Services. While the home service said this will carry a few advantages to Chandigarh UT representatives, AAP, Congress and SAD. Pioneers are considering it to be a major disaster for the privileges of Punjab.

The Center had before changed rules for the determination models of BBMB individuals. The BBMB, which is a legal body under the Punjab Reorganization Act, 1966 and deals with the water assets of Sutlej and Beas, makes some entire memories administrator and two individuals part (water system) and part (power).

As indicated by the show, the part (power) is generally from Punjab and part (water system) is from Haryana are  from a board of senior designers. However, the progressions in the standards for choice measures permitted anybody to apply for these posts.

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Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann today moved a goal in the Assembly, looking for the quick exchange of Chandigarh to Punjab, blaming the middle for attempting to “upset the equilibrium” in controlling the Union Territory.
The enormous move by Mr Mann fourteen days after he took over as Chief Minister comes in the midst of the continuous tussle between the middle and Punjab to control the Union Territory which fills in as the capital of Punjab and adjoining Haryana.

At the focal point of this tussle is the middle tweaking administration rules for representatives of Chandigarh organization, giving them similar advantages as their partners in focal government.

In his notification for the goal, Mr Mann under the Punjab Reorganization Act 1966, the province of Punjab the territory of Haryana, the Union Territory of Chandigarh and a few pieces of Punjab to the Union Territory of Himachal Pradesh.

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