Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean: Araki at the top, but not the realization

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean: Araki At The Top, But Not The Realization

That the very first instalment of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean will be released online on December 1st, rounding off the anime season. We were there in the morning to see it, and if the critics will wait for the full season, here is already a review of these first 12 episodes.

Stone Ocean is Jojo’s prison arc that takes us to Green Dolphin prison where Jôtarô’s daughter is serving 15 years in prison for a murder she did not commit. Crooked lawyer, corrupt judge and made-up crime scene, everything was done to send him behind bars. But what could she possibly have done to deserve this?. Might also her confinement be linked to the fact that she is a Joestar? Because we’re in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the answer is a resounding yeah of course.

This inaugural edition adapts 6 and a half volumes out of the 17 that form the Stone Ocean arc. Thus two more parts should really be available on Netflix in the months that followed.

Again for time being, we can assess these first 12 episodes, which will maintain the large percentage of the Jojo Merch band in this part, with Jolyne at the centre located.

The storyline does not slow down to present a new personality, so instead integrates it into the narrative. Stand users attract each other, and Hirohiko Araki’s series, as usual, redoubles its brilliance in its power concepts. Stone Developed with a view and its ethic of responsibly sourced comment stream will be honoured. But Hermès stickers offer a lot of commercial viability for a tiny amount of money.

The Story Is Still Cool Because It’s Jojo, But Technically It Crumbles.

With two notable modifications, the sequence is still manufactured by David Production, with Toshiyuki Kato. The former head of the Captain Tsubasa remake, was responsible for the expansion of infrastructure. The chart designer is not the same either, it is Masanori Shino (Terraformars, No Gun’s Life) who takes care of it now, replacing the talented and popular Takahiro Kishida.

And these changes, well, they show themselves. The adaptation took some liberties with the manga, changing the order of certain scenes or interchanging characters in an event. Some plans were even able to be modified because they would have been too long or complex to make. In itself, it does not change the plot, but one can wonder about the reason for these changes if they are not useful. Between directing and animation, Stone Ocean has a nice downgrade. If the story is still cool because it’s the Jojo collection, technically it crumbles, we even get a little dirty CGI at the end of this first segment.

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But a change in chara-design or realization cannot be the only explanation for this drop in quality. Because in case you haven’t noticed, it’s on Netflix.  Which has therefore logically been the provider of this new season. And has normally extended the currency to be able to offer it on their platform. Did this jeopardize the balance of the schedules, causing the teams to work hard to finish their renderings on time without being able to clean? The question really arises. It remains to be seen how the next parts will develop.

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