Keep Your WordPress Website Safe and Secure – Step by Step (2022)

WordPress ranks in the list of top website builders in the market. With the proper use of this platform, you can develop a robust online presence for your business. Alternatively, to save your time and effort you can also rely on a WordPress development company that will serve your purpose very well.

As a business owner, it is extremely important to make the website safe and secure. Though WordPress is a secured platform, you can still make some additions to keep your website more secure.

This blog post will discuss various steps that you should focus on to provide additional security to your WordPress website.

Step by Step Approach to Make Your WordPress Site Secure


  • Make Use of Tough Login Credentials

Login credentials are an essential part of security in place of your website. Common passwords such as ‘qwerty,’ ‘qwerty123’, ‘password,’ etc., are easier to guess and can be easily cracked by a hacker. Your website will be vulnerable to hackers if you make use of such passwords.

Therefore, It is highly advised to use complex passwords containing some special characters and nonsensical letters.

  • Limit Login Attempts

In various cases, it is not a person trying to log in, but a piece of software designed specifically to try different login credentials until it gets a match. This approach is termed a Brute force attack or Dictionary attack.

You allow a hacker to guess your password without limiting failed login attempts. 

Though various plugins are available to secure your site from such attacks, you can also perform it by installing the Limit login attempts reloaded plugin.

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication

As discussed above, hackers perform a Brute force attack to gain access to your website. You can lock down your WP admin with two-factor authentication. Suppose, if someone guesses the correct credentials, then with two-factor authentication, they have to enter the security code on your device or mail to get into the website.

In addition, a WordPress website development company can implement various robust security functionalities that can protect you from multiple security threats.

  • Use HTTPS – SSL Certificate

Without an SSL certificate, the information between the browser and server is transmitted in the form of plain text, which can be intercepted easily. Thus, private data like login credentials, card numbers, etc., will not be protected.

Therefore, installing an SSL certificate and running your site over HTTPS is vital. It will also help to boost SEO and get a positive first impression of your visitors.

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  • Install a Firewall

A firewall works as a guard between the network hosting of your WP site and other networks. A firewall makes your website secure as it automatically prevents unauthorized traffic from entering your system.

Moreover, you can be confident about the security of your WP site by using a web application firewall (WAF). It is a WordPress firewall plugin and one of the easiest ways to protect your site.

Additionally, you can choose a WordPress development company for your website. It will help you to make your site protected against multiple security attacks.

  • Secure Your Database

It will be good to update the database prefix from “wp_” to something else like ‘42qe_’. This is because in WP, by default, the database prefix is ​​set to “wp_”. Hackers are aware of this, and when someone maliciously tries to communicate with your database, they will undoubtedly try known database tables with the standard prefix.

If you are not tech-savvy you might find these things like updating a database difficult. So, in such a case, leveraging WordPress development services will be the best choice for you.

  • Perform Regular Security Scans

It is recommended to perform security scans as a WP security scan reviews the files on your website and discovers the malicious codes placed by attackers. Moreover, you should perform it at least once a month and increase the frequency according to the popularity and visibility of your website.


Though the WP itself is a secure platform but using above discussed steps will provide additional security to your website. Ignoring backup, updates, etc., will make your site vulnerable to malware. So, keep it up to date, or it will be better to take help from a trustable WordPress development company if you are facing security issues in your WP site.

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