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Kim Jong Net worth:

What is the Worth of  Kim Jong?

A Lot of Money:

Kim Jong Net Worth is about $5 billion. Kim Jong is the supreme leader of North Korea. Even though very little is known about Kim Jong compared to other political leaders around the world, he has still gotten a lot of attention from the media. Kim Jong-un has a lot of different jobs in North Korea. He is Marshal and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Chairman of the State of Affairs Commission, and overall commander in chief, for example. People in North Korea call him “Dear Leader.”

leader of North Korea:

As the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has been at the centre of a lot of controversy because of alleged crimes by his country, like torture, kidnapping, imprisonment in prison camps, and many more.

Family and Assets:

Kim Jong-un and his family had assets and bank accounts worth as much as $5 billion, which they owned and used. South Korea and the United States did an investigation together in March 2013, and they found that in that time, a lot of things were wrong.These assets were found in more than 200 foreign bank accounts around the world, in countries like Austria, Lichtenstein, Russia, Singapore, China, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, as well as in the United States. Many of these accounts are in China and are said to have hundreds of millions of dollars in cash.

A lot of people say that Kim has about 20 palaces and mansions all over North Korea that he can use for himself. Even more people say that he drives around a lot of very high-end cars, and that he likes European sports cars the best. Besides that, Kim Jong-un owns at least one private jet and a luxury yacht that is more than 100 feet long, as well. Rodman said that Kim Jong-un spends most of his time on his own island off the coast of North Korea.

Early Life:

It is not known when Kim Jong-un was born, but North Korea says that his birthday is on January 8th, 1982. There are a lot of people who think that this birthday is a little too “perfect,” because it would mean that he was born 70 years after his grandfather and 40 years after his father. This is the name of his father: Kim Jong-il. He was the last leader of North Korea. Kim Jong-grandfather un’s was Kim Il-sung, the man who started the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, or North Korea, in the 1950s. Today, North Korea is mostly called that.

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Basket Ball Lover in School Life:

With an older brother and younger sister, Kim Jong-un was raised with both of them in the same house. His father also had children with other women. The rest of Kim Jong-children were also raised in Switzerland. Kim Jong-un was born there. He went to school under a false name and was said to be shy, but he got along well with other students and had a love for basketball. By the year 2000, he had been taken out of high school and sent back to North Korea.

University Life:

As soon as he got back home, Kim Jong-un went to Kim Il-sung University, which is an officer training school in the capital of Pyongyang. One was in physics, and the other was to be an Army officer through the military branch of the school. Before he graduated in 2007, Kim Jong-un got both of them. In 2010, he was publicly introduced to the people of North Korea, and his true identity was made clear to them, as well. This was also the year that he became a member of the North Korean Worker’s Party for real.

Kim Jong Leads North Korea:

At first, no one thought Kim Jong-un would become the new leader of North Korea. He did, though. The choice was clear before Kim Jong-nam tried to get into Japan with a fake passport. He was said to have wanted to go to Disneyland in Tokyo. After Kim Jong-nam did this, it looked like Kim Jong-un was the new favourite to become North Korea leader. Because Kim Jong-nam was critical of the regime and called for reform, he says, he was not given the attention he deserved. Kim Jong-un was also seen as a lot like his father. He had many of the same traits and tastes.

As a Supreme Leader:

In 2009, Kim Jong-un became the next person in line to become North Korea’s Supreme Leader after Kim Jong-il. Later, he rose through the ranks of the Workers’ Party of Korea. In 2010, he was like a four-star general. By 2011, the regime was killing or imprisoning anyone who might be a threat to Kim Jong-leadership. un’s

As soon as Kim Jong-il died in December of 2011, Kim Jong-un was publicly named Supreme Leader. This was despite the idea that other high-ranking officials would act as regents before power was given over. In 2012, he was made a marshal, which is the highest rank in the North Korean army. He only has one-third of the power that a country’s president usually has. Because North Korea has a Prime Minister and Parliament President, they also have a say. In reality, though, Kim Jong-un is in charge of the country.

Economic Reform:

King Jong-un has made a lot of changes to North Korea since becoming the leader of the country. There were, even though they were small, more Western influences in the culture of the country. He also took a more carefree attitude when it came to his public image. He showed off his wife at a musical concert and said he was sorry when an apartment building fell down while he was in charge. Economic reform has also been a big part of Kim Jong-time  in power, with a lot of restrictions being eased. It used to be that the norm was to build political monuments, but now Kim Jong-un is more interested in building skating rinks, parks, and pools than political monuments.

Kim Jong Dark Side:

It’s true that Kim has a dark side. He has killed everyone in the family of Jang Song-taek, a former high-ranking North Korean figure. He thought they were a threat to his power. People say that Kim Jong-un wants all traces of the family and anyone who has supported them to be erased.

Even though former President Trump and Kim Jong-un had a friendship that was unique in terms of how warm it was, Trump was very angry when a student from the United States died while being held in North Korea. Some people aren’t happy about North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons as well.

Kim Jong Risky Steps:

As of 2018, Kim Jong-un was taking even more risky steps. He met in person with South Korean and Chinese leaders, as well as with President Trump. They met with Russian President Vladamir Putin in the years after that. As a result of these meetings, he agreed to get rid of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and work for peace with other countries. People from a lot of different countries met the North Korean Supreme Leader for the first time.

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