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Layout Ideas For A Parisian Loft

Following the confinement, do you want to redevelop your Parisian loft for a bit of renewal? Then you have come to the right place! Here, we are going to tell you about renovation ideas for your Parisian house or loft. You can get the services of Best Loft Conversion Builder in Leicester


Are you tired of the color of the walls in your bedroom or living room? Do you want to change without spending too much? You can of course repaint your walls yourself, choosing a color that suits you better! For example, midnight blue is a timeless color that becomes warm! Or terracotta and nude tones perfectly decorate an interior, and give a clean look to the room! Regarding the painting stage, you have to pay attention to certain things, such as protecting your floor, your carpet with tarpaulins in order to avoid any damage if a can of paint spills! In addition, even if you want to have a brand new wall very quickly, you still have to be careful not to rush things too much to get good results! Before painting,it is necessary to clean the walls well with detergent, if there is relief, it is necessary to sand well until obtaining smooth walls to have a beautiful result! You now have all the tips for obtaining beautiful walls!

Redesign Your Swimming Pool

Over time, the pool can be damaged, and in this case, a renovation is not refused! How to go about it? The most common renovation is that of the coating of the swimming pool! In general, the most famous is the liner, which is changed approximately every 10-15 years depending on the brand purchased. In order to have a little revival, you can decide to change the color of the coating of your swimming pool, by opting for example for a black or green coating! If you no longer like your pool, you can decide to enlarge it, change its shape, or add options such as a counter-current swimming device, or a swimming arch! It’s up to you to make room for your creativity according to your desires!

Redesign Your Garden

During the lockdown, you had time to get inspired by lots of ideas to redevelop your garden! Whether it’s creating a new vegetable garden, buying a swimming pool, planting new flowers, anything goes! I’m going to give you a few tips for rearranging your garden! First of all, if you want to create a vegetable patch, for example, you have to think about circulation: small paths give a very cute side to a garden, and make it easier to access! It is best to also think about defining very specific corners for your garden: whether it is the terrace corner, the vegetable garden corner, the relaxation corner or the lawn corner, in order to be able to establish access to each area!In addition, the garden is a rather private place, and no one wants their neighbours to see them sunbathing on a deckchair! The best is therefore, if this is not the case, to build a wall, claustras or plant hedges, to hide any form of vis-à-vis! Here are some tips that I hope will have been useful to you!

Redesign Your Balcony

Do you want to bring renewal to your balcony and decorate it? So I’m going to give you some tips! You can bring a little “cozy” and comfortable side to your balcony, by putting a sofa with beautiful little cushions, or even a beautiful parasol to provide shade in summer! Also, you can decorate it by adding plants, or small light garlands, which can have their effect at the start of the evening! In addition, if you have a small terrace, be aware that there are 2-in-1 pieces of furniture, such as a bench that provides storage, and which can save you space, while furnishing it!

Redesign Your Interior

Today the new trend is industrial furniture. Industrial type furniture never ceases to attract us. Furniture with graphic lines, raw materials in a vintage style, very easy to integrate into our interiors, from the living room to the bedroom.

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