Light Tables and their Role in Productivity

Industrial light tables have been known to enhance the efficiency and productivity of any workplace. Light tables are designed to assist in the comfort of their users, whether it is cartographers, architects, draftsmen, painters, cartoonists, or others. Among all the light tables for sale in the current market, there is an emphasis on ergonomics. Because workers sit at the table for extended periods of time, they are designed to protect spine health. (Information source:

Light tables for industrial use usually feature tops with adjustable tilts and other ergonomic features. It is also fitted with lights which are subtle and dim. Light tables for drawings or drafting can assist in making an artwork spectacular. To dive more into this, here are some ergonomic features that can help you decide about investing in a light table.

  • You can adjust the height

The height of the light table plays a major role in ensuring the comfort of workers using it. The height of the table should be such that the head either faces the front or looks down slightly. You should always look for a light table that allows working in both standing and sitting positions. This will give your workers the flexibility to shift positions to stay comfortable at all times.

  • The tilt angle

It is essential to have full control over the tilting function of a light table if you are using it for tracing, drawing, or just as DIY drafting. A 45 degree tilt is the most beneficial one as it exerts the least amount of pressure on the worker’s back. The ability to adjust this function accordingly helps prevent fatigue in the back, neck and shoulder areas.

  • Control of light

Because of the nature of work that light tables are associated with, having full light control is very beneficial. It helps in providing you with a perspective on how your work will appear under different lights. Giving this control to workers can also reduce the strain on the worker’s eyes, as they can adjust it according to their convenience.

  • Important foot support

Workers are advised to have a surface to rest their feet when they are sitting down to work. This is proven to minimise the stress exerted on the spine and hips. A lot of light tables come with a support structure for feet.

The above feature makes light tables properly ergonomic for workers to use for hours at a time. However, simply any light table won’t do. While the above features should always be in your priority list, there are some others which you should also consider.

  • Dimensions

You must have a clear idea of the measurements and the dimensions you require before investing in a light table. This will give you a guide to pick a table that fits right in the required space. Noting down the required dimensions is hence important.

  • Purpose of use

Different tables offer different features so this must be kept in mind while choosing new industrial light tables. For instance, those who focus more on drawings more should check the surface and the adjustability of lights on the table before investing in them.

  • Manufacturer type

The best way to ensure that you’ll get a usable, durable, and feature-rich light table is to choose a reliable and reputed manufacturer. Manufacturers who specialise in certain areas can offer light tables that are fit for the purpose.


When buying a light table, always ensure that the manufacturer or dealer you choose will guarantee efficiency, expertise, and reliability. With the right light table, a laboratory can increase efficiency and productivity.

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