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If you need to buy a modern conference table, there are many feature multiple choices for power and data connections. While most are ordered on the top surface, some designs are available with power and data boxes below the work surface. These boxes are typically grommets containing one power and one data port. You can also get a power trough with built-in wire management and cable conduits. There are many modern styles that feature these options. In addition to power and data boxes, modern conference tables feature cable management options.


The traditional shape for a round conference table is the Rectangle. In recent years, however, the Boat Shape has become a popular shape for modern conference tables, and offers the best sightlines. Other popular shapes include the ellipse, soft rectangular, and bowed-end rectangular. While the classic rectangle is still a popular shape, there are also more contemporary designs out there that incorporate geometric shapes. In addition, you can choose a V-shaped table for a video conferencing setup.

Another important factor when choosing a round modern conference table is the space it will occupy. The room should have sufficient space for all participants to move around. A large round conference table with a lot of chairs can clog the room and make it difficult for people to talk. If the room is small, you can always choose a smaller round table for two people. However, if you need more space for meetings, you can consider buying a smaller table with less legs.

A round modern conference table may be a good choice for a small office, while a rectangular one is better for larger ones. The rectangular shape has many advantages. One benefit is that it can be stacked, giving a boardroom feel to your conference room. The second is that rectangular conference tables offer plenty of seating space and are often equipped with power modules. The biggest disadvantage of round conference tables is that they’re not as durable as other types of office furniture.


If you have a small, private office or a small conference room, a modern conference table may be the perfect fit. Its square design gives meeting participants excellent sightlines, and its design allows for connecting to remote participants with audio and video connections. Custom conference tables are available in many wood finishes and come with dozens of bells and whistles. These tables are made to fit your unique requirements and budget. The table can be custom made in a variety of sizes, finishes, and wood types, and comes with a ten-year warranty.

Generally, a square conference table is the most popular option in small to medium-sized conference rooms. This type of table has a larger surface area than its square counterpart. Unlike round tables, it has no limitations in terms of size or number of people it can accommodate. These tables are available in many sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Some models can seat as many as fifty people. The main benefit to a square table is that it’s easy to adjust the size to accommodate your meeting needs.

If you’re a fan of clean lines and uncluttered spaces, you might want to consider a modern conference table. This table has a sleek, polished look and is ideal for a state-of-the-art setting. Companies that deal in technology and enterprise frequently choose these tables. A square conference table has the added benefit of allowing a good amount of eye contact and can be used anywhere. In the modern office, a modern conference table can be an essential piece of furniture.


Oval conference tables are an important part of functional office design. By combining shape, material and finish, they set the mood. As the workplace continues to change, so do the designs of office furniture. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered open floor plans in his 1936 office building for SC Johnson Wax, and major American furniture manufacturers soon followed. Today, you can find many styles of oval conference tables available to suit your office space.

Oval shapes are ideal for modern conference settings because they balance the traditional square and rectangular shapes. Their unique shape allows for ample seating without restricting movement, making them ideal for intimate meetings. They are also suited for medium-sized conference rooms, where they don’t impede movement. In addition to being attractive and functional, an oval table can be a good fit for any modern office setting. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small office, a modern conference table is the perfect choice.

This table is the perfect piece for any office, whether it’s for a brainstorming meeting or a casual poker game after work. It’s Green Guard-certified, which means it’s low in volatile organic compounds. At 72 inches long, it seats four to six people comfortably. There is plenty of room for files, as well as a comfortable bench. A cherry or mahogany finish is available. You can also choose between a dark or light mahogany finish.

Designed for contemporary office spaces, the Oval modern conference table has a sleek, streamlined aesthetic. Its sleek, steel-and-laminate base is durable and easy to clean. The tabletop is 1″ thick and scratch and scald-resistant melamine laminate. Its leveling glides keep it level and ensure it stays perfectly level. The table’s 10-year Limited Manufacturer Warranty provides you with peace of mind.


The Makr furniture’s boat-shaped Conference Table is a great choice for your boardroom. Its square base supports this contemporary table and offers comfortable edges for your guests. The durable, laminate surface also comes with built-in wire management grommets. This table is available in a wide range of finishes. A limited lifetime warranty protects the investment in your new table. Choose from eight different finishes to complement your office space.

The Boat-shaped Conference Table is a fantastic option for any modern or traditional meeting room. This table’s contemporary design blends seamlessly into any decor. Its slab base structure provides a high level of stability and prevents the table from tipping over, while its curved table ends add to its contemporary design. The boat-shaped shape of this table increases seating capacity. Whether your business needs a table that will seat a large group of guests, a boat-shaped table is a great choice.

The six-foot Boat-shaped conference table from Global office furniture has a modern look. Its sleek design is perfect for a private office or conference room. Its modern design is versatile enough to pair with office chairs of similar colors and styles. And the best part is, it ships for free! It is currently in stock and ready to ship. For larger orders, an electrical module is available for the table. The table’s 10-year warranty is an additional benefit.

The Boat-shaped modern conference table comes in a variety of finishes. Its platform bases are available in Matte Black or Brushed Aluminum. The one-piece 1.5-inch-thick surface is available in nine colors and features a center grommet for wiring. A perforated metal front makes the table easy to clean. Its durable laminate top also has a power and data insert. The table is available in a number of sizes.


A modern conference table is a necessary addition to any contemporary office. Its clean lines and minimalist profile make it a striking addition to any space. Popular brands of this style of conference table include Blu Dot, Baguette, and Magis. Paolo Buffa’s Vue Dining Table is another popular choice. Modern conference tables can range in price from $2,450 to $12,500, but the price depends on the material and design.

If your company is small and intimate, a round conference table may be the best choice. The design encourages communication and collaboration and works well for law firms, financial planners, and advisors. Keystone-shaped conference tables have a wider top than the base, which makes them a popular option for videoconference. A rectangular table is also available in several different shapes. Some companies have even designed custom-made tables for their offices.

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