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Onlive Server is The Perfect Place For Your India dedicated server

It is the perfect place for your dedicated server in India. We offer a wide range of servers to choose from, and they are all configured to perform at their best. Our India Dedicated Server is one of the most popular choices because of its reliability and speed. Our India Dedicated Server comes with a variety of features that can be tailored to your specific needs. You can choose from different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, VzLinux, SUSE Linux, Linux Mint, and more. These operating systems run on powerful hardware that makes your India Dedicated Server run faster than ever before.

The servers we provide are optimized for streaming video games or other high-end applications. You will have access to fast connections and reliable equipment that will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted service for as long as possible. While you are playing online games or using other types of applications on your dedicated server in India.

Why should you consider a Dedicated Server?

In this article, we will look at why you should consider a Dedicated Server and how it helps your business.

  • The dedicated server is configurable and you can customize it to your needs. You can install any software you want, like WordPress or Joomla! and make it work as per your requirements.
  • You will also get full root access to the server which means that you can do anything with your website as per your own wishes. You will not have any restrictions on what you can do with your website in terms of software, server configuration, or database management.
  • A dedicated server is a very good option if you need to run an application that requires high performance and a lot of RAM. It will help to enhance the performance of your website as well as make it more secure from cyber-attacks.
  • When compared to shared hosting, dedicated hosting offers more resources for your website so that it can use them efficiently without any hindrance from other websites on the same server or from other users sharing the same resource pool.

Onlive Server – The India Dedicated Server You Need

It is one of the most popular hosting providers in India. They have a wide range of features, including unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space. Onlive Server also offers a free domain name with every server purchase, which can use for your website or blog. This makes it easy for you to set up your website without spending any extra money. This is not just about having a dedicated server for your business. They also offer managed services for IT companies and small businesses. This means that you will not have to worry about managing your server yourself. Which can be very time-consuming and frustrating.

The benefits of a dedicated server are many, including:

Increased security – With a dedicated server, you can be sure that your information is safe and secure. You will also be able to choose how sensitive data is stored so that it is protected at all times.

Better performance – Onlive Server gives you access to multiple servers. Which are all running at maximum capacity in different locations around the world. This means that if one server fails due to a power outage or other technical problem, another one will take its place immediately without any disruption to service for your customers or employees.

Cost savings – When you opt for a dedicated plan with Onlive Server. You get started with an affordable package that includes unlimited bandwidth per month for 24 hours per day.

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FAQs for using Dedicated servers

What is a Dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a special type of hosting that allows you to run your own website on dedicated hardware and software. This means that the server has no other users and can be used only by you.

What are the advantages of a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server offers you the benefit of running your own server with all the resources you need to run your website, without sharing those resources with anyone else. In addition, it enables you to customize your own environment to meet your needs and requirements.

Can we use shared hosting for our business website?

Yes, but it’s not ideal for many types of websites because there are limitations on what type of software can install on shared servers. This means that sometimes you won’t be able to get all the features from your favorite CMS (Content Management System). A dedicated server gives you full control over the operating system and allows for greater customization than shared hosting does.

What is the difference between Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers?

The main difference between Linux dedicated server and a windows dedicated server is that in a Linux dedicated server, all the system resources are dedicated to only one user. In the windows dedicated server, the system resources are shared by many users.

The other difference is that in Linux dedicated server, there is no limit on the number of users who can connect to the same physical machine or virtual machine instance. In the windows dedicated server, each user has their own virtual machine instance which cannot access by other users.


If you are looking for Dedicated Server Price in India for your e-commerce business, then Onlive Server is the right place for you. Their services will surely help you to build a big online presence and turn your idea into a booming business. They not only offer you server space but also web hosting and VPS servers with so many useful features. You will never regret working with them as they have earned trust over the years of hard work in this field.

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