Performance Fishing Shirts and 5 Other Ways to Up Your Fishing Game

Some anglers may be content with throwing on a hat, grabbing a fishing rod, and fishing at a local pond for an hour. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you want to stay out all day and catch the biggest fish of your life off the coast, you’ll want to take your fishing game to the next level. Performance fishing shirts can help keep you cool and protect you from the sun all day long. Sunglasses with the right lenses help you see under the surface of the water. Here are six pieces of gear that can help you up your fishing game.

Performance Fishing Shirts Help Keep the Sun at Bay

If you want to stay out fishing all day, you need to stay cool and protect yourself from the sun. That’s where performance fishing shirts can give you a major advantage. These are the types of shirts professional anglers wear during competitions. They are made with fabric usually rated UPF 50+ to protect from the sun’s harmful rays. Some fishing clothes are dipped in chemicals to achieve a cooling effect. Unfortunately, this method will wash out after a few cycles, leaving you without the great features you need. Instead, choose performance fishing shirts with fabric that wicks away moisture. This helps actually keep you cool and won’t wash out.

Protect Your Face with a Mask

When you’re spending hours on the water, it’s also important to protect your face. That’s where masks come in. A mask is a piece of performance fishing gear that may not seem essential, especially if you have a hat, but it is absolutely worth wearing. The right fishing mask can protect your face from the sun and keep you cool. Plus, it can help with ventilation. The masks usually vent down your back, helping to keep you cool even while you are wearing long sleeves in the sun. You can search for standalone masks or performance fishing shirts and hoodies with an integrated mask.

Gloves Help You Keep Your Grip

The right fishing gloves can help you keep a good grip on your fishing rod, even under the toughest circumstances. When you are fighting a marlin, this could be the advantage you need to reel it in. They can also help protect your hands from sunburn if you’re out on the water for hours. If you’re looking for ways to take your fishing trips to the next level, this is the type of performance fishing gear you need.

Sunglasses to See the Fish

Most sunglasses simply protect your eyes from the sun. If you are a serious angler, you want sunglasses that are treated to block out most of the reflection on the surface of the water. This helps you see through the surface, down into the water. As a result, you can spot the fish you’re after. If you are wearing performance fishing shirts and all your other favorite gear, you need the sunglasses to go with them.

Keep a Knot Tying Tool Handy

A knot-tying tool can help you quickly get a hook on a line. Some tools are perfect for tying Nail or Snell knots, or they might have hook sharpeners. When you lose a hook, you want to get back to angling as quickly as possible. With a knot-tying tool on hand, you can do just that.

A Portable Fish Finder

If you are fishing from a bank, canoe, or kayak, you won’t be using an entire boat console with a radar. Instead, you might want a portable fish finder. Search for an option that is actually portable, not just demountable from your boat. If it requires drilling or an external power source, it probably isn’t the right fish finder for you. Most fish finders that meet these criteria rely on pairing with your smartphone. Once you’re connected, you’ll be casting your line straight at the fish in no time.

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