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Pool Making Essentials To Discuss With Swimming Pool Contractors

Top Pool Shapes | Features To Consider While Planning Your Swimming Pool

When you are planning a pool, a lot of factors are involved. Swimming pool contractors in Abu Dhabi, but you need to select the best one. Any good pool builder will discuss major features in detail with the clients. Right from shape to the features, every element of the pool is planned with the customer. If you are looking to plan a pool, these pool essentials are a must to know. 

At the same time, how many people are going to use the pool is also important. Ultimately, the pool should deliver what the owners were expecting.  Here are the key elements of the pool that you should discuss with the pool builder.

Pool Shapes

Pool shape or the architecture of the pool is considered on the basis of many factors. The kind of pool you are looking for and the architecture of your property are important. Depending upon these factors, your needs and budget, the pool shape is determined. The most popular types are 8-shaped, rectangle pools, oval pools, lazy L, L-shaped pools, and circular pools. However, there are also freeform and other creative shapes. Angular pools are also trendy in some regions.

Pool Type

As you start discussing your pool, make sure you learn about the type of pool. Whether you want an indoor pool or outdoor pool depends on your needs and premises. For fitness purposes, lap pools are very popular.  Discuss with your swimming pool contractors in Abu Dhabi if you are looking for a fun pool or a kiddie pool. Nowadays, infinity edge and architectural pools are also trendy and considered voguish. Family-sized recreational pools are amplified with various water features, rock features, and slides. 

Functional Pool Features

Functional pool features increase the comfort and value of the pool. They facilitate the pool so that the owners can enjoy more luxury and fun. Some great features are an inbuilt spa, ladders, hot tub, jacuzzi, swim jets, ledges, and pool decks. At the same time, the pool surroundings are also planned so that the functionality of your outdoors is increased.

Aesthetic Pool Features 

Apart from being a place to exercise and enjoy, pools also add great beauty to your properties. Once the pool shape and type are determined, it’s time to discuss pool beautification. There is a variety of elements like waterfalls and fountains to beautify the pools. 

Safety Features

Last but not the least, every pool has to be a safe place for your family. Discuss safety features like pool drain covers, fencing, and pool gates at the time of planning. This will also help you in getting a precise estimate of your pool. And you can plan your budget and pool accordingly. Good swimming pool contractors in Abu Dhabi will suggest additional safety features for children and pets.    


Pool landscaping is the latest buzz today. It increases the worth and beauty of your property. And the great outdoors induce peace and relaxation while you are at home. However, make sure you are not adding too many features to your pool. As they may also require maintenance at a later stage. 

While discussing the pool, also discuss the what would be the approximate maintenance cost of the elements. Pool landscaping today is helping people escape the boredom of indoors. You can spend your time close to nature and also contribute to a better environment. 

However, much depends on what you are expecting from your pool. And also the space you can allocate for the pool and the landscapes. But with the knowledge of all the different features and pool types, it is easier for you to plan. And you can discuss your pool with your swimming pool contractors in Abu Dhabi in a much better way.

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