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Prankdial Apk on Your PC

How to Install

Have you ever tried Prankdial apk? It’s a free app which makes sound noise and trick calls. But, before you start downloading the app, you should know how to install it. Read on to find out how to download and install it on your phone. Once installed, you can enjoy prank calls! Having fun with this application! Just follow these instructions and enjoy! Read on to know more about the benefits of this application!

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Gacha club 

Free trick call app

One of the most popular Android apps, Juasapp, lets you play tricks on your friends with phone calls. While you can use the application for free, you must purchase subscriptions for it. This application contains a library of funny jokes, some of which are targeted to a particular demographic. You can also share the jokes with your friends. It costs a few bucks, but the laughs are worth it.

Another free trick call application is Prankdial, which lets you make random phone calls. The app is only available in the United States and Canada, so you must use your own country or a Canadian number. To use the app, you simply enter the target’s number and choose the number of messages to send. You can even customize the frequency with which the messages will be sent. The texts won’t make any sense, which is just as much fun! Another app that spoofs a phone number is Satire My Phone.

FunCall is another free trick call app. The application has a voice changer that lets you change your voice over the phone. The app works through VOIP, and requires a good internet connection. Despite its free nature, it is a fun way to play tricks on your loved ones. To begin using FunCall, simply pick the number and country you want to call. Once the recipient responds, you can record their reactions and share them with your friends.

For iOS users, you can cancel your subscription by opening your Apple device’s settings app. Next, tap on the subscriptions tab and sign in with your correct Apple account. Once you’ve finished this, you can cancel PrankDial and it won’t charge you again. For Google users, you can go to the Google Play store and sign in using your Google account. Finally, tap the cancel button. Then, you’ll be free from the PrankDial subscription for good.

Clooney Caller ID is a great app for escaping awkward situations. This app lets you create a character named Clooney and he or she will talk to the person when they call. The app contains 99 different ring tones and nine stylized call screens. You can even delay or skip calls if you’re in a group of people or are in an area where you don’t want to talk to strangers.

It’s not a VPN

If you’re wondering if Prankdial is a VPN, read this. Although this application is free to download and run on Android devices, it’s not suitable for users in some countries. If you’re interested in installing Prankdial on your PC, you should first check whether your computer supports VPNs.

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