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Random Question You Might Be Afraid To Ask About Best Parental Control App

I have just bought an iPhone for my teen as a birthday present. I made a promise in some weak moment and had to fulfill it now. His father did not really like the idea and was not in favor of this. But as promises are promises and kids learn from the action of parents more than anyone, I decided to go with it. Before making the final decision, seeing me so distressed my work colleague told me to check the OgyMogy as it is the best parental control app.

At first, I was not planning to even explore this kind of app as I thought it was illegal or something but on the evening stroll, I randomly share the information with the husband, and he liked the idea very much. The next day he had a whole sheet of paper about every question I might ask about the app and its use and he challenged me that he will answer all the queries to my satisfaction. Here we go.

Is Monitoring A Teen Illegal?

Monitoring a teenager or minor through his cellphone, desktop or any other gadgets is not illegal at all. It is the basic right of the parents to know about every aspect of a teen’s life and the use of a spy app is no doubt the best way to achieve this goal.

Is It Expensive?

Another major doubt about spy apps is that they are usually very expensive. It is not true. Most of the app offers different deals just like the OgyMogy. It offers three different kinds of packages with flexible budget offers. Parents can select the package that is more suitable for their pocket. So no completion of choosing the only costly package for the parents.

Is My Device Will Be In Any Kind of Danger?:

A common misunderstanding about the spy app is that it is some kind of conspiracy to hack the data of the users. Well, it is not. The use of a spy app will not hack or damage the user’s data. It simply helps you to keep an eye on the target’s life activities via his or her phone, tablet, laptop, or any other smart device.

Can I Keep All This A Secret From My Teen:

One of the very basic reasons that I was not in the favor of using a spy app to monitor my kid was how will he react when he will know about this. Thankfully I was told that it will be a secret from my teen.OgyMogy does not let the target know that he/she is being monitored. Their device works in normal mode but the user of the spy app is reported every major activity.

Should I Install It Before Handing Over?

A spy app needs physical access to the target device at the time of installation. After installation, the whole process is handled remotely by the users. Parents can monitor the cell phone content and other activities remotely that including changes of settings as well. So if you are planning to buy your kid a phone just like me you should just install the app before handing it over.

Can I Install It On the Password Encrypted Device?

The answer is No. You can not install the spy app on a password encrypted device. So better install it before that to avoid any problem.

Is The Installation Process Complicated:?

We mostly go to my eldest teen to ask about any Instagram emergency or cellphone problem. So I was worried that how we will handle the whole installation thing. Turned out the installation process is very simple. The app has a user-friendly interface so anyone can use it quite easily.

Will It Report About His Whereabouts:

I was most concerned about this movement and its whereabouts. The android spy app offers an excellent feature that lets the parents know about the real-time location of the target person.

How  Can I Manage the Screen Time:

The app offers a real-time screen monitoring feature for the user. I can know about his every screen activity whenever I want by using this feature.

For all those parents who want to check an android spy app but are reluctant because of hundred of questions and fears here is your help service.

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