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Review: Lenovo V15 Laptop AMD Athlon Silver 3050U – Gaming Laptop

Review: Lenovo V15 Laptop AMD Athlon Silver 3050U – Gaming Laptop

The affordable business and gaming laptop is just not available with great value for money everywhere. Even though there is a massive variety of business and gaming laptops within reasonable prices, a sufficient performance might not be what you always get. The Lenovo V15 packed with the AMD power and SSD power delivers portability along with the budget pricing. With its basic durability, latest features, and AMD power-packed specs, you can expect it to perform right on point. 

The Lenovo V15 AMD Athlon is clearly built for the professionals with a knack of productivity and additional security. For an everyday computing, this Lenovo laptop can just be termed as one of the solid choices with its modern-tier features. Moreover, the 15 incher comes with the built-in reliability and a clearer visual experience with its FHD touchscreen display. 


  • Processor: AMD Athlon  
  • Display: 15.6 in, 1920 x 1080 
  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Storage: 128 GB SSD 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon GPU 
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home 

Contemporary Design – Look and Build 

The Lenovo V15 is designed with aluminium and an all-gray exterior. With its sleek and slim build, you can also easily carry it around without having to feel its burden. It gives more of a modern-day look and has a smooth textured feel around the keyboard and the touchpad. You can also lay the laptop flat on the desk or ground while casually working or surfing on it. 

The laptop weighs around 1 and a half kg which makes it conveniently portable. You can take it anywhere during school or university lectures or the office workspace. The keyboard is great with the decent key travel and tactile feedback. You get a prominent spacing in between the keys which makes the typing position and scenario rather easier. If you are a consecutive typing user, you will enjoy using this laptop’s keyboard.  

Hardware – Speed and Performance 

Mostly packed with the AMD components, the Lenovo V15 comes integrated with the AMD Athlon processor and AMD graphics. The Athlon processor operates with the base speed of 2.3 GHz and a maximum turbo speed of 3.2 GHz. It takes basic everyday tasks to go through the day without showing any particular lags. You can most definitely run advanced applications and latest software tools without hesitation. However, it limits to a certain level as it is more of an everyday computing laptop. For a more demanding workload, you will have to consider a pricier option. 

The RAM comes in an ideally sufficient capacity with 4GB and with that you get a solid-state drive storage of 128GB. This combination is ideal for average multitasking and switching between various apps or programs. While opening across five to six Chrome tabs and Netflix app in the background, we didn’t really face any glitch. 

The AMD graphics do a decent job in supporting bold colours, crisp details without stuttering. You can run 4k videos or shows from the platforms like Netflix or YouTube without second thoughts. The laptop comes installed with the latest Windows 10 home, so you are likely to get the updated apps and interface. 

Display – Full HD IPS Screen 

Lenovo V15 sports a 15.6-inch display that delivers a full HD Resolution of 1920 x 1080. Its other variant also offers the touchscreen choice where you can use the display even with multi-touch gesture functionality. On testing, we experienced brighter visuals and good colour accuracy except the brightness was mediocre. There is IPS panel integrated into the display which means you will surely get wider angles to watch from. 

The display, in addition has narrower bezels that means the display seems to be even wider with its thin sides. The refresh rate that this display allows is around 60Hz so you can run videos in 4k Resolution as well. Of course, this might not be enough for heavy gaming but for activities like business presentations and meetings, it is fine enough. 

Battery and Ports 

The 300Wh battery power of the Lenovo V15 gives it a longevity of around 6 to 8 hours. You can take it through the day if you work in office or any professional space. Without continuous usage, this laptop is able to last around 4 to 6 hours. The battery for us was sufficient but not brilliant. You can enjoy portability with some longing power but at the end of the day, you will need a charge. 

The ports included in the Lenovo V15 are more than enough for regular use. However, the lack of USB C port makes it one downside of the port section. Other than that, there are two USB Type A 3.0 ports and one USB Type A 2.0 port. There is also and HDMI port and an SD card reader added for storage expansion. The 3.5mm jack hasn’t gone anywhere and you can also find it just right across other usual ports. 


The Lenovo V15 adds another valuable laptop in the series of Lenovo business laptop with its affordable price. If you prefer AMD , you will love this laptop and if you don’t really know about it much, you will find it to perform just about right. The laptop comes strong for daily to standard computing operations and overall speed. The few lacking issues including its subpar battery life and unavailability of USB-C can be thrown off if not priority. The laptop does a good job in portable power and low-budget device. But the good news is that you can now enjoy even bigger discounts with holiday season. To buy Lenovo V15 Laptop, you can checkout Laptop Outlet store online in the UK and avail free shipping on all the mainland orders.  

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