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The Different Types of Cancer Treatments Available in India

Cancer is a debilitating disease that takes millions of lives around the globe every year. If someone is diagnosed with cancer. They’ll usually undergo various types of treatment to treat them. There are many treatments available, which is why it’s crucial for patients who suffer from cancer to know which treatments are best suited to their specific type of cancer.

This blog post discusses the different kinds of treatments that are available and how they can help patients suffering from this condition.

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  • Radiation Therapy

There are numerous types of treatment available in the best cancer hospital in Mumbai. However, radiation therapy is one that is highly efficient. It does this by using large doses of radiation to destroy cancerous cells and reduce tumors. For quite a while it has been the preferred treatment for patients who have breast cancer or prostate cancer in particular, with huge success!
There are two main kinds of cancer rations treatments 1.) Radiation therapy is external Radiation and 2.) internal Radiation.

External Radiation Beam

External beam therapy is one type of treatment for cancer that makes use of powerful beams of radiation to deliver large amounts of energy to the tumor. The device may be huge and noisy, however, it will not touch you because the technician is able to be able to move around your body. While administering treatments from a variety of angles. This means that they can treat more areas in one treatment than would typically be done with the use of radiotherapy in a localized manner.

The personnel who perform this type of radiation have been specially trained to operate these devices which means less strain on their patients when they receive blast irradiation outside versus conventional techniques like brachytherapy and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBR).

Internal Radiation Treatment

Internal radiation therapy involves placing an energy source within your body. The most popular form is called brachytherapy. It has recently been brought to the forefront of its use with tumors that are difficult to reach. In radiation therapy may be administered in a variety of ways. Hence, Such as putting seeds, capsules or ribbons in and around the cancerous tissues (called an interstitial implant) OR by implanting radioactive material as close as it is to the skin around the area where an organ was surgically removed. So, It is referred to as percutaneous ipsilateral brachial plate application.

For those who aren’t aware, Chemotherapy uses powerful targeted chemotherapy drugs to kill cancer cells.

  • Chemotherapy is one type of treatment that is effective in cutting down or slowing the growth of cancerous cells. Which multiply and divide very quickly. Chemotherapy can be utilized to:
  • Treat cancer with the concept of curative intent. This means that treatment can cure it therefore there is no possibility of recurrence, in contrast to palliative treatment.
  • Reduce the symptoms of tumors, such as nausea, and pain due to chemotherapy drugs such as Cisplatin (a platinum-based medication) and headaches due to blood pressure drops that are associated with shrinkage of tumors.

Treatment for cancer with surgery generally has the following objectives;


  • Removal of the tumor in its entirety. Therefore, A partial or debulking elimination from cancer in cases. Where it is believed that the whole tumor could cause harm to an organ or even the body. A tumor that is removed partially could also accelerate other treatments for cancer. And decrease the burden on organs nearby.
  • To reduce discomfort and other symptoms of cancer by surgically removing areas of the tumor which exert pressure on the soft tissues. This uses immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment by the best oncologist in Mumbai.


  1. Immunotherapy, also known as Immuno-Oncology is the most common method utilized to fight cancer by using the body’s immune system. It is a biological therapy that utilizes the immune system’s capabilities to fight infections and diseases against cancer.

Therefore, Our immune system is programmed to identify and kill the growth of abnormal cells. This is the reason Tumor-Infiltrating-Lymphocytes or TILs are found near many cancer tumors. So, TILs in the vicinity of cancerous tumors can be a sign that the body’s immune system is reacting to the tumor.

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