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The hottest Kids Toys Shop trends of 2022

A detailed look into this year’s Kids Toys Shop trends reveals that the popularity of one toy has increased by 300%. Big Kids Toys Shop has revealed this year’s most popular toy trends to commemorate the first day of its annual Toy Mania event.

According to data prepared by a team of Kids Toys Shop specialists, Mr. Azeem toys are expected to be the best-selling item this year, with sales increasing by 300 percent.

With the debut of the new film in the franchise this month, Big Kids Toys Shop top toy buyer, Mr. Niazi, believes the Jurassic collection of Kids Toys Shop will continue to be popular.

Our customers adore the new dinosaur collection

It looks that nostalgia is the flavor of the year. Along with the best-selling Jurassic Park and Toy Story toys, Ms. Faulkner stated that a steady favorite for more than 50 years is still one of the most sought-after toys.

“Lego is usually a favorite; with over 20 new goods this year, they’re going to be quite popular,” she said.

Toys encouraging activity and contact have been the most popular goods among pandemic-weary parents. After the Covid-19 lockdowns drove many families inside and online, backyard toys like cubby houses and slides have been recurring top sellers.

Ms. Maria stated that parents are encouraging their children to step away from electronic devices and spend more time in the open air and sunshine.

Another toy trend that has emerged from the last two years of forced family time is a return to classic group toys like puzzles and board games.

According to Ms. Maria, Big Kids Toys Shop data reveals the impact of the epidemic and rising living costs on spending.

“We are aware that customers are searching for value with Big W on an annual basis, but this year more than ever before, and as a result, we have a number of new initiatives that we are excited to share with you,” large selection of items that cost ten dollars.” or less,” she said. “This year more than ever before.”

According to the top toy buyer, millions of Australian families will attend the Toy Mania event to take advantage of the offers, which include half-priced toys. Big W will have 1,300 toys and games on sale for four weeks during its “biggest than ever” sale extravaganza.

Tthe event would deliver the best buyer value

As a means of providing an explanation, he remarked. You can stock up on birthday and Christmas presents, and there are so many of the newest and most popular things available.

Online lay-by is offered for households dealing with the rising expense of living. However, some families are displeased with a $15 service fee for each online item on layaway.

Big W also charges a $20 cancellation fee if families cannot continue their lay-by payment arrangement.

Toy Mania debuted exclusively online on Tuesday morning and will be available in-store starting Thursday for four weeks.

To reveal sweet surprises, pop Candy Pop

Basic Fun Candy Pops are individually packaged candy themed figures that children may play with, fidget with, and collect. Each Candy Pop comes in a candy-shaped capsule with shimmering tabs on both sides in blue, pink, or yellow. Pushing on the center of the outer capsule reveals a mysterious bag containing a surprise Candy Pop figure, a scented sticker sheet, a coloring page, and a collector’s guide.

In the first series, there are 14 figures to collect, including two super rare figures. So that kids can pop, turn, or twist by fidgeting with. Because the figure’s hair, which is designe to look like a piece of candy. Each figure has a distinct expression and attire that correlates to its hair color.

Part of the pleasure is figuring out how each Candy Pop opens. For example, the blue capsule I opened contained Chippy, a purple character with pigtails. The center of the toy twists to expose Chippy’s winking face and her petite torso in a purple outfit by twisting the right ponytail.

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