The Must-Try Drinks That Will Elevate Your Taste and Mood

Must-Try Drinks

Must-Try Drinks are always a special part of any restaurant’s menu. Be it for quenching thirst or elevating the mood, drinks are a compulsory part of their dine for some people. Many restaurants automatically serve water or a drink to ensure that the customer is not sitting idle while waiting for a friend or order. Many customers come a long way only because they love a particular restaurant’s service, and serving them a drink is a token of appreciation. 

Times have changed, and nowadays, people prefer to have drinks in a restaurant while dining out rather than going to bars. This is why most restaurants are opening separate stalls for drinks. 

Best Drink Options from all over the world


  1. Non-alcoholic: Drinks doesn’t always mean to have alcohol in them. Non-alcoholic drinks are not dull. Here are some best options for you to try-

Coolberg NonAlcoholic Beer: India’s first zero alcohol beer company, is strictly for people who want to enjoy the taste of beer under the guidelines of health or spiritual beliefs. Coolberg offers variants of flavours: Malt, Cranberry, Ginger, Mint, Strawberry and Peach. They have a smooth taste and are perfect companions to a lazy Sunday or a pool party.

Sepoy & Co: Launched in Delhi, the brand has high-quality natural lemonades that make your summers. Made from Italian lemon juice and having refreshing flavours like rose, lemon, pineapple, cardamom and ginger, these drinks make your body cool.

Bengal Bay: With zero artificial sweeteners, the process is herbal and gives a smooth finish. 

& Stirred: The brand offers a range of ready to drink fruity mocktails with various flavours.

Casamara Clubs: The bottles are designed to give you a beer feel but they are sparkling sodas. The flavours are subtle and overwhelm one after a tiring day.

Jukes Cordiality: It is made by a British wine writer and tastes like wine with zero alcohol. narrowly red, giving the feeling of classic red wine but made of berries. 


  1. Alcoholic: Alcoholic drinks made with the correct quantity of alcohol and additional flavours are the primary choice of any modern drinker. Here are some beverages to fit your mood:

Red Wine: The most sophisticated form of wine, has something to do with class. The colour ranges from red to intense violet and is a natural antioxidant.

Beer: Beer is the most refreshing of all alcoholic beverages. It is one of the oldest and most widely consumed drinks. Not only does it keep the body relaxed, but it is also nutritious. Many people have a reduced risk of heart diseases after consuming beer. 

White Wine:

It is made through fermentation and is often brewed with wheat and malted barley. It goes with almost every type of food, including spicy foods, without cutting down the hotness of the spice. The colour ranges from straw yellow to pale yellow. The brand which produces the best white wine is Chardonnay. White wine helps in weight loss and keeps lungs healthy

Vodka: It is a clear distilled alcoholic beverage that is made through distillation. Vodkas come in many flavours, which add to the original taste because most of the time vodka doesn’t have a taste of its own. 

 Whiskey: Most people love the fuzzy feeling of whiskey; it creates a cosy atmosphere                and increases “good” cholesterol levels. It has always held on to its aura and is very popular for a party or a dinner. 

Rum: It is made by fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice. The flavour is sweet and dry. It is popular because it is cheap in monetary terms so that most people can avail of it. It is often mixed with fruity cocktails at a party. Rum varies in colours in the way it is produced. 


Drinks make a dining experience complete. For more such blogs and info, click here.

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