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The strongest spiritual weapon

Welcome, all, today’s article is about The strongest spiritual weapon. It’s a small article, you must go through. It will definitely inspire you to use the strongest spiritual weapon 5e.

So we all know not to rely on human intelligence, praise and worship are spiritual weapons. 

Praise and worship

When you start to praise and worship, stuff happens. okay, So that’s the only spiritual weapon that I have learned. How to start using here these past 4 weeks? Also, check- cinderella stepsisters names

Here is a spiritual weapon yeah I gotta pray you guys. We’ve got to become serious about great. God, is at the, and center of the universe he is all-powerful, he is all-knowing, he’s everywhere, he is okay.

 He created the universe, the moon, the sun, and the stars. He created all of that and he cares about you. He loves you. He wants to help you. And you know what that’s a favorite thing to hear from you, he loves it when you say god I can’t do it on my own.

 I don’t give up help me because if you don’t help me there’s no help for me. I pray that prayer for so many different situations in my life and a lot of the stuff that I have been dealing with. Guys have to heal me from all of the year. It’s been the strongholds in my own mind you know what I mean like baggage that I’ve been dragging with me through these 28 years of my life.


 Just hold on trash. Yeah, I have to deliver me from that and say I am baby. But I have to pray that prayer I have to say you know what father. I can’t with my own strength change the fact that I feel unworthy to receive your love. I can’t with my own strength, overcome these feelings of fear that gripped me.

 Sometimes I can’t overcome these feelings of guilt associated with things that I have done with my past father. I believe you have placed a calling on my life I believe that you want to use me. But there. I don’t feel worthy to be used by you. Help me. You don’t help me. There is no help for me. I’ve tried everything else. I’ve tried it. 

I pray that prayer. Zdummyz looks like that that is a weapon you guys when you just finally humble yourselves and pray to God that’s what he can do something for you and that’s when things start to happen and I just have to tell you guys how great. What he’s done for me. For those people who don’t believe that God even exists. For those Christians who are living to feed it lives like I was. I just want to say to you guys the sunshine has proof. 

 Word of god

He loves you and he is good at everything that he has been he will do with his work he will do it. I’ve got proof you guys and it works that stuff works. So I just want to encourage you to pick up your spiritual weapons and started speaking the word of god every you can state start realizing the things that are happening are spiritual attacks against you to keep you in bondage and start praising.

 God has started doing your praise and worship okay start. And humble yourself and let go of that spirit of pride. Let go of that spirit of pride, let it go. Stop believing you can handle this you can’t. You can’t let it go give it to god okay. You need to make the day go yeah hi Angela Dega. A little mean and a couple. 

That’s all for today. Thank you guys for your previous time. I hope you liked the article. More is yet to come, till then Goodbye.

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