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Tips to Choose a Parsons Table

When you have to buy a parsons table, there are several factors that you should consider. These factors include design simplicity, versatility, options, and dimensions. By following these tips, you can purchase a high-quality parsons table that will meet your needs and preferences. Besides a beautiful design, a Parsons table is also durable and versatile. Read on for more information about buying a parsons table. It is an important part of your home decor.

Simple design

The Parsons table is an iconic American piece of furniture that originated during a 1930s class assignment at Parsons The New School of Design. Instructor Jean-Michel Frank challenged students to come up with a table that would look great in any environment and in any material. The result was a minimalist table that embraced both the modernism and traditional Shaker values. The distinctive feature of the Parsons table is its untapered legs and equal top/leg width.

The simplicity of the Parsons table is the hallmark of its style. With a square top and four square legs the width of the top, the table is functional and attractive. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for interior furnishings.

The origin of the Parsons table is obscure. In the 1960s, mass-produced versions were designed by Directional Industries and Mount Airy. Baughman later used the name in his design. A New York Times article attributed the Parsons table’s popularity to its versatility. In addition, the Washington Post named it the status table of the year. There are many theories about how this piece of furniture came to be, but one thing is certain – it’s timeless.

Whether you choose a classic wood table or a modern version, you’re sure to find a parsons table that suits your needs. The clean lines and straightforward design of the Parsons table make it versatile enough for almost any environment. It’s also handsome enough for any dining room. And if you’re looking for a stylish table, consider an exotic wood table with an Eames chair.


The design of a Parsons table is so versatile that you can pair it with any type of furniture, whether it’s a vintage Eames chair or a mid-century modern chair. Whether it’s paired with oriental lamps or ornate antiques, a simple tabletop decor or modern table tops, the Parsons table will complement any setting. The versatility of a Parsons table is largely determined by the materials used to make it.

While its exact origins remain unclear, the “Parsons table” was first published in the early 1960s. Later, Mount Airy and Directional Industries began mass-producing the table. Many interior design projects incorporate this table in the design.

The shape and simplicity of a Parson’s table make it an excellent choice for almost any type of decor. With clean, minimalist lines, the table will complement any style and look. Its versatility makes it the perfect choice for entryways and console tables. In addition to home and office applications, the Parson’s Table works great in the retail industry. The rectangular or square top with four equal-sized, flush legs will help you mass your products. A classic fixture in many clothing stores and boutiques, the Parson’s table will add to the design of any room.

A new take on the Parsons Table is being released by Versteel. Though this furniture style has been around for 75 years, many versions of the design have emerged in the past. Versteel’s take on the Parsons table offers form and function. This table has solid legs that are flush with the top, equal in thickness across the entire table, and dozens of color options. The table is not just beautiful, but it can also save money by eliminating expensive installation costs.


A Parsons table is a sturdy, square or rectangular table with square legs. Because the legs are always flush with the edges of the tabletop, the length and width are not affected by the size of the tabletop. The simple design makes it an excellent choice for any room, as they complement the simplicity of other furniture pieces. If you are unsure about the dimensions of a Parsons table, read on to learn about its history and dimensions.

The original design of a Parsons table was a small, occasional table. It was made of solid wood and printed composition, but was later made of plastic. It has many uses, from sideboards to desks to dining tables. Modern versions of the Parsons table are often made of exotic materials like marble, grasscloth, or burled wood. You can also customize the dimensions if you need a larger or smaller table.

The Parsons table is also available with a laminate top. The THREE60 Collaboration Parsons Table features premium quality, design, and functionality. It features knife-edged surfaces, integrated wire management, and multiple sizes. In addition to its modern functionality, the THREE60 Collaboration Parsons table also accommodates two people. Available in Electric White and Shadow Elm finishes, the THREE60 Collaboration Parson Table also comes in several sizes.

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The Parsons table is a durable rectangular or square table that features square legs that are flush with the edges of the tabletop. The size and shape of the base and top are completely adjustable. Parsons tables are also available in various finishes.

When selecting a Parsons table, you’ll need to consider the space available for it in your home. Unless you’re working with a tight space, you’ll likely want to choose a table that can accommodate several people. Some tables have separate leaves, while others have hidden leaves. If you’re buying a table for a small space, make sure you have adequate space for it before you start looking.


The Parsons table is a classic furniture piece that fits in with virtually any decor, from modern to traditional. Their simple lines and uncluttered appearance make them an elegant choice for minimalists, and their interlocking and nesting capabilities make them an excellent choice for traffic-directing purposes.

If you’re looking for a high-quality parsons table, you can check out 1stDibs for an amazing range of styles and materials. Additionally, you can push a Parsons table against a wall to create a space in a mudroom or foyer.

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