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WordPress (WP) is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) everyone heard of. It provides you with unlimited tools or WordPress plugins to create a feature-packed website or blog. The WordPress power comes from many ways you can modify, expand, and transform it through the plugins out there making it highly customizable and flexible to suit different website needs.

However, the thing is that there are numerous word press plugins available out there that it becomes extremely overwhelming to choose the right ones.

So here is the list of top 5 “must-have” WordPress plugins to grow your business online.


Every website needs an SEO tool to rank well on search engines and with the help of Yoast SEO plugin, you can achieve this goal. This WordPress plugin help to fulfil your website’s needs to meet SEO technical standards. It is one of the most powerful tools to make your website or personal blog as search engine friendly as possible. This plugin will take care of all the technical things for you such as robots.txt, clean permalink URLs, htaccess files, and sitemaps. Moreover, Yoast SEO also helps to ensure that your website has OpenGraph tags, canonical URLs, a no-index option for every page, etc. While Yoast goes the extra mile to help you with technical SEO, besides, it also helps to write better content. It also provides you the option to set focus keywords to let you track the targeted keyword frequency. It is one of the most comprehensive SEO-related WordPress plugins one could ask for and the good news is that it’s free. However, you have the option to buy premium Yoast SEO extensions for that extra functionality requirements.


Elementor helps to deliver high-end page designs with advanced capabilities. It is designed to help you build the most beautiful and dynamic WordPress websites easily and quickly. It offers drag and drop page builder with instant page load and live edit options. Moreover, if you don’t know even a single word about coding, this is the tool you can rely upon. Elementor allows you to enjoy fast front-end live editing and designing without having you to switch over between editor and preview mode. The interface is extremely user friendly and helps you to get hands-on it in minutes only. It is the only page editor that offers limitless design possibilities. Not only this, but it also includes 90 plus widgets, pre-designed templates and blocks, blank page template, and much more. Moreover, the Pro version comes with various marvelous features like live visual form design, flexible posts, pop up builder.  What else, it also features portfolio widgets, custom CSS, and Global widget, etc.


It is a cloud-based security tool to keep your site safe against hackers. Its core feature includes Security Auditing, Integrity Monitoring, Malware Detection, Security Hardening, Post Hack security actions, and security notifications. As we are aware that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms running over approximately 31% of all the websites on the web. Thus, making it more popular among hackers. Therefore, the installation of Sucuri helps to automate and guide you with the security processes you should take to be a step ahead against hackers. This plugin continuously scans your site against any security threats and loopholes. On top of that, this WordPress plugin is easy to deploy and doesn’t require any hardware requirements. Not only this, but Sucuri also ensures that your portal is safe against DDoS Attack and it also uses CDN for improved performance.


If you are a business or image-maker where you need to display lots of appealing content to your visitors, or need an innovative way to display bios or testimonials, then Slider Revolution is the perfect choice for you. This slider offers you with a wide range of features, functionality, and customization options. Besides this, WordPress plugin is easy to use, won’t slow your website speed, and is fully responsive and secure. Revolution slider helps you to create simple slideshows of entire media galleries and even the complete websites easily and creatively. This slider fully supports most of the popular social media platforms with plans to add more in the future. The slider works great on tablets and mobile devices as it does on desktops. This is because this WordPress plugin is optimized for android and other devices and it also includes fall back options. Slider Revolution offers a number of navigation styles for tabs, arrows, bullets, etc. Furthermore, this plugin is SEO optimized and has deployed intelligent lazy loading.


This WordPress plugin helps you with performance optimization by using cache technology. W3 Total cache helps your site to be scalable with the ability to sustain huge traffic without crashing. This WordPress plugin offers catching abilities such as Database Cache, Object Cache, Browser Cache, Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration, and more. The versatile compression and rendering settings in this plugin improve the overall site speed and performance by 10x. It also has the capability for minimizing CSS, JavaScript, and HTML with granular control. The premium version of W3 Total Cache offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate support as an add-on factor of security to cached data. Lastly, the primary strength of this plugin lies in its pre-caching features. Thus, helping you to adjust the intervals of caching at your site both on memory and disk.

Hopefully, this set of plugins will help you build attractive and elegant websites with exceptional creativity. Though there are numerous WordPress plugins available in the market, we as IT consulting and digital marketing company have tried our best to compile the list of best ones for you. For more queries related to choosing the right plugins for your web portal, you can also contact us at

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