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Top 8 Necessary Features of Online Ticket Booking System

Whether you are a travel agent, hotelier, or anyone related to the tourism business should know the importance of an online ticket booking system.

The tourism industry has become highly competitive within the last few years. And to match the competition, the ticket booking system is also getting more polished and advanced. Now everyone including customers, travel agents, and hoteliers has more choices than ever.

Nowadays, people prefer to reserve their bookings for travel, restaurants, or events with their smartphones. No one likes to physically go to book their tickets or make reservations anymore.

Keeping that in mind, you need to know the best features of an online ticketing system so you can run your business smoothly and keep your customers coming back to you.

Here are 10 features of the online ticket booking system that you should keep in mind when choosing an online ticketing software –

  1. Real-time booking

Both the ticket agencies and the customers can easily complete their ticketing process through the online system. There’s no need to rush to the counter and stand for hours in the queue to book your ticket. Customers can now book their tickets from the comfort of their homes or workplace on their smartphones or computers.

They can check the available seats in real-time online and book their tickets accordingly. They can even cancel their tickets in real-time if needed.

  1. Multiple payment gateway and multiple currencies

The online booking system let the agencies spread their businesses and attract not only locals but also people from other regions. The online ticket booking system allows you to have multiple payment gateways that provide secure payments. Also, the multiple currency system allows people from various countries to book tickets easily.

Since international travels are becoming more common every day, it is very important that the online ticketing system has multiple currency options.

  1. Multiple languages

Let’s admit this, not everyone communicates or understands English. To earn more customers and make sure they are comfortable with your system, you need to have multiple language options available. This way, they can choose their preferred language and book their tickets smoothly.

  1. Smart Calendar

A smart calendar is a ‘must-to-have’ when it comes to an online ticket booking system. An intelligent and simple-to-use booking or occupancy calendar gives the user a quick overview of all bookings, capacity, and turnover for the specified time. This will make resource planning much easier. To save extra labor, the booking diary should be able to be synchronized with other digital diaries.

  1. App integration 

Social media platforms and apps are huge contributors to promoting and branding businesses. The same goes for an online ticketing system since people use social media frequently and they are always on their smartphones. So, if you want to reach people in the quickest way, make sure you choose the right online ticket booking system. It should give you third-party integration leverage to bring some much-needed flexibility to your system.

  1. Booking through smartphone

People who stay out most of the time don’t carry their laptops all the time. They feel comfortable conducting via their smartphones. And a superior ticket reservation system should make sure that the customers feel happy to use it. And thus, it should allow them to use their smartphones for booking tickets and pay via their phone as well.

  1. Automated notification

Automation keeps everyone on the same page, from booking confirmations to feedback requests. A customizable online reservation system that can send reminders, give travel suggestions, and lead guests to nearby restaurants and activities save both time and labor.

The automated notification also makes the customers feel comfortable which leads them to use the same system repeatedly.

  1. Report generation

Businesses require a simplified approach for measuring performance since there is so much data and so many variables at play. A customized online ticket booking system should offer precise and timely data.

Reporting should include a performance by day, month, and year, Payment details, inventory, and so on.

Final Word

Nowadays, the online ticket booking system is not only about booking. It has become more than that. Because a decent booking software does not only make your customers comfortable but also relieves you of time-consuming and tiresome tasks. If you are running a travel business, a good online reservation system is always worth it.

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