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Types of SAP MM Certification and Prerequisites


In the present scenario, SAP has become the most popular enterprise to deliver efficient and effective SAP software. SAP MM has become the most used and popular SAP module that offers many unique and exciting features. As you know, SAP technology will stay for years and will continue to grow with time. In addition, SAP MM has become the most demanding technology in the industry and companies search for skilled and trained individuals.

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In recent times, the SAP MM module has become the most trusted and reliable platform and plays an important role in the SAP ERP software. Moreover, SAP MM or Material Management will help enterprises to manage their purchasing and transactional data. Furthermore, when compared to other SAP modules, SAP MM has proven to be the most time and cost-effective. In addition, SAP MM offers various unique and useful features to help enterprises with material management. Moreover, the SAP MM module comprises various units and helps manage material procurement, and vendors, and checks the quality and condition of the required material. Therefore, SAP MM will provide you with a bright future, and with proper SAP MM Online Trainingyou can learn about this module and become an expert. Hence, this will help you get exciting career opportunities and help you become a professional in this domain. 

Advantages and Features of SAP MM Module:

The SAP MM module provides enterprises with different features and offers them huge benefits. Now, let us look at the advantages and unique features of the SAP MM module:

  • With the help of SAP MM, you can deal with material and inventory management and help both small and large-scale organizations. 
  • SAP MM helps with the scarcity in the supply chain in an organization and manages various procurement activities. 
  • It will help you to accelerate productivity, minimize cost, and manage different resources and materials. 
  • SAP MM also haggles with the Valuation of Material, Master Data, Material Requirements, and Invoice Verification. 
  • By using the SAP MM module, you can easily manage and reduce the cost of different operations and tasks. In addition, you can also minimize inventory losses and eliminate any irrelevant or obsolete material.
  • It will provide you with Automatic Material Management, the most important feature that leads to more effective and efficient processes.

Types of SAP MM Certification:

The SAP MM certification has become the most popular program to help professionals and students working within the SAP ERP environment. En özel ve reel kızlar Çıtır Öğrenci istanbul Escort Beray | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. With proper training, you will gain knowledge and validate your expertise in this software. In the present scenario, SAP provides many important certifications for aspirants who wish to make a prosperous career in SAP MM. Let us look at different types of SAP MM certifications:

  • SAP Ariba Procurement
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud (public) – Procurement Implementation
  • SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement 
  • SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement
  • Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7

After completing the SAP MM training and examination, SAP AG gives the candidate an SAP Application Associate Certificate. Hence, you can validate your skills and knowledge by getting the SAP certification. 

Eligibility Criteria for SAP MM Certification:

As you know, SAP MM consists of advanced concepts and is a complex platform. Thus, before you apply for the SAP MM examination, you need to develop certain skills and knowledge to become a successful professional. 

  • You will require to have a postgraduate and undergraduate degree in any related field. 
  • You need to have excellent business knowledge and experience in material handling, inventory, purchase, and vendor management.  

You can apply for SAP MM certification if you have a professional degree in Engineering, Computer Science, and Business Administration. Thus, you will get familiar with the basic and advanced concepts of SAP MM and other SAP modules. 


After successfully completing SAP MM Training in Gurgaonyou will receive the SAP certification. This will help you validate your skills and knowledge and help you get great career opportunities within this field. With proper training and guidance, you will develop all the essential skills and get familiar with the advanced concepts of SAP and the SAP MM module. Therefore, you can become an SAP MM Consultant, Plant Maintenance Analyst, MM Functional Configurator, and Purchase Executive. Hence, SAP MM has proven to be a promising career and offers high salary packages.

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