What Is a Network Marketing Generation Plan and How Does It Work?

Downlines are organised into multiple tiers called generations in Generation mlm Plan, and commissions drop as the generations rise. For example, if the first generation’s commission rate is 10%, the second generation’s commission rate might be as low as 7%. And for the third and fourth generations, it may be about 5% and 3%, respectively.

The generation plan is also known as the repurchase plan or the gap commission plan. Companies that focus only on product sales rather than hiring staff like this strategy. This method keeps members motivated to sell regardless of their rank or generation.

Most other prominent MLM systems cause participants to lose interest in selling as they become older. This is a strategy that prioritises product sales above everything else and is popular among MLM organisations in the fast moving consumer goods industry. Such businesses appreciate the generation strategy because it allows them to sell things efficiently without spending money on promotion.

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How does the plan function and how does payment work?

In this model, all direct recruits from a single sponsor are put at the sponsor’s first level. Furthermore, the members employed might have an unlimited number of directs. As your network grows, the direct can fund an unlimited number of distributors.

This plan is distinguished by the fact that it expands horizontally rather than vertically, and the flow is from left to right and top to bottom.

A Generation plan’s payment can be divided into multiple levels, and the distribution of revenue, as well as income per member, is defined by levels. In a Generation Plan, commissions are calculated in two ways: level wise income and differential income.Though this strategy is widespread throughout sectors, it is especially useful to product-selling businesses. Product selling necessitates a lot of advertising, and good advertising necessitates a lot of money. With a Generation plan, your members may serve as your advertisements, saving you money on advertising.


To comprehend how this Generation MLM Software plan works, you must first comprehend the notion of Generations. Generations are groupings of descendants. Each generation will have a certain number of downline members. It varies each organisation, but it is often four or five tiers.

Assume it is 5 in this case. Downline members up to level 5 are considered First Generation in this situation. Levels 5 to 10 produce the Second Generation, levels 10 to 15 produce the Third Generation, and so on. Now, the commission you receive on items sold by your First Generation will be the highest, say 9%. And starting with the Second Generation, you’ll earn a lesser commission rate, say 6%. From the third generation onwards, you will receive even lower commissions, say 7%, and so on. The corporation determines the commission rates as well as the number of downline tiers in each generation.


High earning potential – Profit in the network marketing organisation is dispersed across the whole network. The ratio is such that the network as a whole may profit from it.

Simple to implement – This plan is simple to implement, and beginners may easily comprehend how it works, giving it an advantage over other plans.

This approach is ideal for achieving massive success with some hard work and planned efforts.

Reduces the financial cost of advertising — Your downline members act as your advertising agents, alleviating you of the financial load.

Revenue possibilities — In addition to other benefits, the Generation Plan offers a variety of income alternatives such as royalties, bonuses, rewards, and so on.

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