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Why is a Service Apartment Better than a Hotel?

1 Bhk Service Apartments In Bangalore

Why Service Apartments Near Forum Mall Bangalore, is great than a budget hotel

If you are traveling to Bangalore for a few periods, accommodation at a prime location is one of the concerns. There are tons of choices- hotels, guest houses, and apartments. But when it comes to a long-term stay who wants to spill out the money from the pocket staying in a hotel. In that case, a service apartment is best. Sometimes one gets confused about seeing many options but if you are good enough, you can get a perfect stay. When you are seeing the cost, food, transport, utilities and main the location wise. Then Service Apartments Near Forum Mall Bangalore will be great for you.

Service Apartments – Why are they a great preferable for long stays?

Serviced apartments are fabulous for customers who want a home-like atmosphere. These serviced apartments are always the first choice in comparison to guest houses and hotels. The advantage of service apartments is awesome and emulated when it is for a long stay. Several corporate travelers select to stay in a service apartment for a longer period. They usually stay at rent service apartments, which allows them to focus on their career without taking any burdens. The service apartment lessens the hassle arranging of necessary things. Such as like wifi, housekeeping, furniture, utilities, cable, etc. All accountability comes with renting a regular flat than rent service apartment, which is negligible when it comes to conveniences. Another thing, the suitability will double when you get rent nearer to prime location Service Apartments Near Forum Mall

Service Apartment advantages in comparison to Budget Hotels

Cost per head – When it comes to Cost per head, 60-70% cheaper in-service apartments than a hotel. As the service apartment can accommodate more than 3 people per apartment only 2 in typical hotel rooms.

Flexibility – service apartments are more flexible when it comes to space and time. There is no trouble to have a cancellation or check-in process. Other experience on getting free Wifi, parking and lot of other services.

Space – More spacious with a huge living room, kitchen room, and bedrooms than a budget hotel room.

Cooking facility – cook your own, enjoy the food that you like, dine in with your family, and keep storing your food for long days.

Service Apartment – Most reliable when it comes to convenience & security compared to budget hotel

24/7 Power Backup – When it comes to power backup, Service Apartments Near Forum Mall Bangalore will be an example. This apartment is not only located in a major location that can give you only a mile distance for all your shopping necessities. It also provides a 24×7 nonstop power supply.

Trained Staff – As the industry grows, the trained professionals who joined service apartments are great for hospitality management. They are always liable to attend to the customer demands every time they want.

Security Infrastructure – Security is another aspect when it comes to safety stay!!  Nowadays all serviced apartments especially, Service Apartments Near Forum Mall have 24 hours clock surveillance. Have a high-defined CCTV camera. All in and out footage is captured so that everyone could stay secure here at My home stay


Here are some quick points why Service Apartments Near Forum Mall, are good than a budget hotel, have a look!! Most travelers can get the best service apartment, here when they visit Bangalore for any official or vacation trips. Here most of the service apartments are quite good, secured, great opportunity for shopping, near to all tourist places and best in price. My home stay is one of them where you can get all the best amenities at the perfect price.

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