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Why is AngularJS the First Choice for Web App Development?

Choice for Web App Development

AngularJS is a popular web development framework based on JavaScript. The web developers across the globe utilize its open-source development architecture for creating single-page applications.

The framework simplifies how a cross-platform framework can be used to create secure, scalable, and robust web applications.

This blog post will provide a comprehensive understanding of why AngularJS can be a primary choice for web development.

It’s Simple

Since AngularJS is JavaScript based and also utilizes HTML and CSS tags, it is easy to learn. One aware with the fundamentals of web app development can leverage the best of AngularJS.

You can keep the web development using AngularJS simpler and faster.

Since it’s fast and simple, you can save bucks on development. It is indeed a time-efficient and cost-effective option for creating web applications.

If you consult an AngularJS development company, you can create a simplistic roadmap to build your web app.

Supports MVC Architecture

We can build robust web apps using HTML and CSS, with JavaScript backing the event creation process in the app structure.

MVC architecture allows AngularJS developers to easily bind different components of the web app together, making reduced efforts.

Such development characteristics make MVC architecture more agile and efficient.

Data Models

Web developers can use JavaScript objectives to design web applications with more sophisticated functionalities and feature-rich properties. With POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Objects), web developers can use getter and setter functions.

It can improve the viewability and deployment of code.

AngularJS allows web developers to model fundamental entities of data effectively inside the data models.

The platform is a complete package of technology equipments allowing the web developers to create viable web apps for businesses.


Since AngularJS indulges in a faster development and easy detection of bugs and errors, web developers across the industry would find it more productive.

Moreover, it provides immense flexibility to web developers to comprehend and implement client-side requirements more proactively.

An AngularJS development company can help you render to diverse UI needs and build a custom template that comprise features of scales and complexities.

Cross-Platform Support

The JS web framework provides interactive support for the cross-platform development of web apps. It engages a high compatibility with rich performance across different web browsers with better efficiency.

By developing web applications that run feasibly across web browsers, one can cater their services to a larger audience. Cross-platform compatibility of web apps is both technologically and economically beneficial to business owners hiring AngularJS development companies.

Integrated Unit Testing

Testing helps you deliver a functional and flawless application that performs sustainably in real-time. Unit testing is a crucial component in Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). The platform utilizes tools like Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, and others to enable a smooth execution with a better implementation of logics.


AngularJS developers are utilizing the framework to turn complex project requirements into functional and high-performance web apps.

AngularJS is widely popular for the development of lightweight web applications. You can create web apps that tender to the demands of an extensive audience working towards large enterprise goals.

You can consult our AngularJS developers to quantify your web app development needs.

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