Why Women Prefer Lace Closure Wigs: Simple Hair Guide

A human hair wig is becoming increasingly popular among black women, who use it to create various hairstyles. Normally, hair bundles are used to stitch in wigs. While this is an older method of wig construction, many people today choose to utilize hair bundles in conjunction with lace closure wigs to get an undetectable and natural appearance. Let us explain why we choose lace closure when making wigs today.

A. What is Lace Closure Wigs

A lace closure is typically 4×4 inches in size and covers the top half of a wig on your head. 5×5 inch lace closure, 6×6 inch lace closure, and 7×7 inch lace closure are now available. The sellers divided the lace closure into three parts: free part, middle portion, and three-part. If you’re not sure which part to choose, we recommend going with the free feature, which allows you to function in any way.

You might wonder how I was able to choose it. The only variation between these lace closures is the size of the lace. You can select a different size depending on your needs.

The wider the lace closure wigs, which means the lace closure covers a larger area on your head, the more natural your wig will appear. Hide a portion of the invisible and undetectable lace.

B. What Are The Features of Lace Closure Wigs

  1. The lace is imported from Switzerland, and the materials are of excellent quality. As a result, the lace is both sturdy and breathable. Even the most powerful man will be unable to break the lace by hand. Please don’t be concerned about the lace’s quality.
  2. The hair is 100% human hair and is authentic. We never use synthetic hair; instead, we utilize real human sew-in hair. One by one, the masters thread the hair onto the lace. As a result, the lace has hair knots. You can bleach the knots to make them disappear, but be careful not to bleach too much; otherwise, the hair will be ruined.
  3. Pre-plucked Hairline. We employ varying hair densities in different hair locations to close the gap between real and synthetic hair. Customers are not required to pluck the hair because it has been pre-plucked. Of course, if you think it’s not right for your hair, you can pluck a little more.
  4. A ring of baby hair around the hairline. Around the lace closure, we leave some baby hair. Cut it to your desired hairstyle.

C. How To Wear Lace Closure Wigs

You can leave a section for lace closure when you’re sewing in a closure wig. The lace closure should match the hair bundles to produce a complete hair wig.

To begin, select a wig cap and draw a line for the hair weft and lace closure. Place the wig cap on the standing head and mark the corns with a marker pen.

Second, using a needle and thread, sew in the closure weave from the backside of the wig cap along the hairline you marked.

Third, secure the lace closure to the stand foam with pins. Cover the left half with the lace closure.

Finally, comb and flatten the wig you’ve made. If the lace closure wigs you buy is a freebie, you can use it.

The closure wigs human hair is a popular choice amongst women looking to add length and volume to their natural hair. The lace closure is made from a strip of lace sewn together to form a circle. This circle is then sewn onto the weft of the wig cap to create an excellent bond and to ensure the best overall fit for your head.

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