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If you are redoing your house, you will likely have a budget for tilling. Looking at the ever-growing popularity of pavers, you may also have a budget for outdoor space. The coolness of various tiles makes them the sought-after option for bedrooms. So while constructing or remodeling your house, it is crucial to learn about the tile trends.


When you feel you need to give your home a new makeover, you will find a plethora of options, like replacing the rugs with ultra-modern carpets or adding some of the most attractive pieces of art. In any event, tiles are the best bet if you want to give your home a lasting change.

Tiles are a superior alternative to two-dimensional feel wall paints. You can get them in various designs, textures, and colors. Tiles can soften the feel and look of bolder shades and finishes in any space. For instance, an electric blue painted wall might be too much in-your-face, but a similar colored tiles scheme can brighten up the space making it more open.

Both designers and homeowners adore tiles and their applications which have expanded beyond kitchens and bathrooms. Looking at the increasing demand, tile suppliers near me are coming up with better color patterns and designs, offering you even more options.

Keep reading to learn the best tile trends for 2022.

Grey Tiles

Grey interiors have been a trend for some time now. The color grey can give a space a minimalist and urban feel. It is a neutral shade that works well with many designs and color schemes. The Grey color schemes are suitable for residential as well as commercial spaces. The shades and designs of grey tiles can create wonders. Like you can give your home an industrial look with dark gray floor tiles, whereas you can add artful details to your walls with patterned gray tiles.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta has been in being for centuries now. Terracotta tiles were at times one of the most popular tile options. Moreover, it is slowly returning to interiors. The warmth and earthiness make terracotta tiles so popular. Moreover, they tend to be the perfect combination of strength and sophistication. Terracotta tiles are among the best kitchen tile trends 2022. You can also use them in corridors and dining spaces to warm up the area and make everyone feel invited.

Moroccan Design Tiles

Moroccan tiles are available in intricate patterns and vibrant colors. The pattern and color touches of Moroccan tiles make them fascinating aesthetically. These designer tiles are a great way to add timeless beauty and style to your space. They were originally installed in kitchens and bathrooms. But now, you can have them in various areas, like in your office, living room, dining room, boutique, and more.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tone tiles could be the best pick if you are bored with your neutral white and grey rooms. Jewel color tones like teal, ruby white, emerald green, bright purple, gold, and other rustic colors penetrate the 2022 tile trends for home interiors. You can use jewel tones in many ways, like highlighting the wall behind the television with bright colored tiles or giving the floors a touch of gold with golden jewel tone tiles. Regardless of the tone you use, the jewel tiles will only make your space look more and more interesting.

Brick Look Tiles

Tile Trends
Bricks tile walls used to be and still are the popular tiling feature in many places across the globe. While the exposed bricks add character to any space, their hard-to-maintain feature led the trend to drop. Notwithstanding, the trend is back with the brick-look tiles. These tiles replicate the nostalgic brick look, and you can get them in many colors and designs. These tiles are more sought after for creating accent walls in bedrooms, living spaces, dining rooms, offices, restaurants, and malls. But, they also fit the 2022 kitchen backsplash trends.

Colorful Mosaic Tiles

From geometric to the hexagonal design used for flooring to colorful asymmetrical styles, mosaic tiles are available in many forms. With colorful mosaic backsplash tiles, you can create a beautiful mural in your bathroom and kitchen.

Large Tiles

Last but not the least, large tiles are one of the hottest tile trends. They make any small space look spacious. Moreover, the grout lines of large tiles can give your space a seamless look. They can give your home a look and feel of royalness by stimulating grand places like a luxurious hotel. Available in a myriad of colors, designs, and finishes, you can use these tiles on floors and walls. Larger tiles with a marble look make your space feel more royal and luxurious.

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Trends live their own lives. The tile trends treated here are timeless, classic, and probably will not go out of style for years. If you are unsure which tile trend is the best fit for your home, google the best tile supplier near me and get professional help to try the different tile trends. See what’s best for your space!

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