A gym needs to be cleaned, how much does it cost?

Clean. Fresh. Pleasant. These are some of the words that a very satisfied user of their gym could use when describing it to a friend.

Latin young woman with a face mask cleaning and disinfecting with alcohol sanitizer the gym equipment during the pandemic.

Those who manage a gym, in fact, know well that the cleaning of common areas and changing rooms can guide users’ choices towards their own structure or towards that of a competitor as much as the quality of the equipment and the variety of training services offered.

For this reason, in a gym, hygiene, cleanliness and perfume must be dominant elements of a user’s sensory experience.

But how much does it cost to clean a gym? Let’s see it together and discover the exceptional advertising and image power offered by a perfectly clean gym.

Cleaning the tool room

Gyms and swimming pools and other structures dedicated to sports are more than average subject to the formation of bacterial colonies. Bacteria bring with them, in the worst cases, infections and diseases of various entities, but, much more commonly speaking of gyms, they are carriers of bad smells that make training environments unhealthy and unpleasant.

To prevent and combat this problem, essentially two tools can be used:

  • Continuous ventilation of the premises (not always possible for climatic reasons).
  • Constant cleaning of spaces and equipment , even during opening hours.

In fact, we are well aware of the importance of cleaning the equipment room several times during the day since the problem of dirt and odors increases during the day and the late afternoon and evening are, in many gyms, very busy hours.

The constancy of the level of cleanliness at all times of the day is, therefore, one of the basic principles on which a tailor-made intervention for a gym should be built.

The cleaning of the bathrooms and changing rooms

We said it: with cleaning in places dedicated to sport, the accuracy and frequency of interventions are more necessary than ever.

Unfortunately, not in all gyms the attention paid to common areas and to the maintenance and cleaning of tools is also reserved for bathrooms and changing rooms .

Those who manage a gym know well that the latter are delicate areas to which users are sensitive.

Entering a clean and fragrant changing room of day stresses the pleasantness of the experience and binds the user to himself, making him fully satisfied with the service purchased and encouraging him to confirm the purchase or recommend it to others.

What does it cost to clean a gym?

Hygiene and cleanliness, in a gym, are not just a mere aesthetic factor. They are essential for the health of the users.

For this reason, we must structure the thorough cleaning of a gym. Identify the right products, the correct cycle of interventions, and the right alternation between actions. If the gym is closed and others to be carried out during opening hours.

Make an evaluation of the cost of cleaning in a gym after identifying a work plan and a real specification. Consider the individual needs of each structure and aim to maintain constant high levels of cleanliness in each room.

Contact us and plan with us the tailor-made work plan for cleaning your gym .

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