Best Side Businesses to Start in 2022

Being an entrepreneur sounds like a mouthwatering dish, but only entrepreneurs know the path is filled with thorns. We are not here to startle you; we are here to tell you the exact truth. Many people get frustrated working 9 to 5 and ultimately leave the job to start their own business. 

We are not against this. The only thing we are telling you is that if you are okay with taking risks and have enough funds to survive at least two years, you are free to start a business. But do not just leave a job and wander. Instead, you can start a side business and grow it slowly. Once you feel settled, you can make your side business full time and achieve tremendous growth.

You might be thinking about the best side business ideas. Do not worry! We are here to help you with that. There are many side businesses to start in 2022. Want to know about them in detail? Keep on reading till the end.

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Best Business Ideas to Try in 2022

Online Tutoring

Every individual has some sort of skills; however, having skills is not enough. One should have teaching confidence and be able to explain the topic in the best possible manner. 

Let’s take an example. You are an expert in social media marketing; making it a subject for online tutoring would be a great pick. 

You can be the best at anything. So, make a list of your skills and start promoting them on Udemy and other online platforms. 

Web Design 

This side business is perfect for people with creative and analytical minds. Tech companies are consistently in search of web designers. So, having a knowledge of CSS and HTML will benefit you in many ways.

You can start it as a hobby and when you feel like you are earning a significant amount, you can start your full-time entrepreneurship journey.

Writing an eBook

Do you enjoy writing? Dreamed of writing a book one day? 

Start it today; there is nothing better than this time. Nowadays, many people write books and sell them online in the form of eBooks. You can write on any topic. Be it LinkedIn, Instagram, or fictional or non-fictional stories, the choice is yours. 

It will hardly take a month to write a book. When you like something, you do it passionately, so it can take less than the mentioned time. 

Where to publish? There are many options, and the most preferable one is on Amazon. 

Affiliate Marketing

This is not a new business idea but still works like a miracle if done correctly. You can do affiliate marketing through blogging, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

However, make sure to use the right platforms and marketing strategy to get a decent revenue. Initially, you’ll not receive higher earnings but picture the future. 


So, these are the best side business ideas to try in 2022. But do not expect overnight results, things take time, and you have to be ready for this. As this is a side business, start slowly and work hard for it.

Also, do not leave your job until and unless you have enough savings. Keep growing!

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