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Can React Native App Development Company migrate existing apps to this framework?

React native is one of the top-notch cross-platform app development frameworks ever known. Facebook launched it as a development tool to create native apps. But now, it is best to build a high-performance cross-platform app. A react native app development company can easily migrate the application to the react-native format. Moreover, it is very cost-effective because it has the code in pre-developed components, offering a stable approach to developing the application.

In this new blog post, we will clarify to all the readers and audience that migrating the mobile app to react native is a good decision. There are many advantages of react native and a few disadvantages too. Certain factors affect the migration of apps, and we will learn how they react native app development companies deal with these factors. React native is one of the best app development frameworks for Android and iOS.

Why Should Migrate an Existing Native App into A React Native App?

Someone pointed out how many things were wasted while developing native applications. One of the main things was the efforts of the developers to write similar codes for two platforms. This is something that developers can copy if native app development allows it.

Another thing is two different react native app development company for two other platforms. This is something that was not right, it still happens, and it is still not right. Developers can quickly solve this if the enterprises develop their application to React Native instead of native programming languages.

There will be fewer development efforts, better stability, highest quality, and whatnot. This makes up for the future of app development, and hence more and more enterprises want to migrate their application. Therefore, you should hire react native app developers because they can sort out all the things that are being wasted and make the development process more productive.

Pros Of Migrating to a React Native App

React Native applications are fast native-looking applications that take less time to market. They are straightforward as far as the maintenance part is concerned. React Native also supports gradual migration from pure native iOS and Android. Other pros of migration are listed below:


Interoperability is one of the greatest boons of using React Native. However, developers can combine native iOS and Android views with React Native views. This helps in the gradual transition that allows the developer to choose the parts that they want to migrate to React Native first.

The Same Team Works on Android And iOS

React Native development needs a team of engineers. But the team here is more efficient as they can work on both Android and iOS with the same efficiency. Moreover, due to its straightforward nature and code reuse facility, one team can handle it.

Availability Of Shared Code

React Native is not a write-once-run-everywhere platform. But still allows up to 95% of code reusability between iOS and Android platforms. As a result, it dramatically helps decrease time and effort in the mobile app development process.

Code Reuse

It is well known that React architecture powers both mobile and web UI. There are additional benefits of coding in this framework. The code is highly reusable that includes API client logic, state management, and utility implemented in JavaScript between React and React Native. It is of great use as far as the de-soiling of mobile and web UI development is considered.

It Looks and Feels Like Native Applications

React Native consists of UI components via a JavaScript bridge that makes the apps look like native apps. Additionally, there are well-known solutions for 60 fps animations and dynamic interactions that are way more user-friendly and attractive than native applications. React Native is above hybrid HTML5/JS apps, and that is why it gives a sophisticated and contented look upon developing correctly.

Good Developer Productivity

Some essential features of react native app development company, such as its declarative architecture and hot reloading, make it easier to improve developer productivity. React Native plays a significant role in enhancing the productivity levels of the developer. It has an excellent ecosystem that promotes developer speed and motivation to work.

Straightforward Updates

There are plenty of tools available such as XCode. The development team can add incremental updates to the published app with this. In this, the app doesn’t need to undergo the review process of the App Store over and over again.

The developers will be able to develop more applications at a time, and also the code will be reusable, even for different software/applications. Many applications are based on the same template as others, and React Native developers can use the pre-existing component to develop the app quickly.


Some giants have migrated to increase the quality of mobile app development company and reduce time to market. If the goal is clear, migration can be a great idea in the longer run. Any fully functional application can be turned into React Native, but it will be more brutal to the pocket. Developers can migrate at any stage of app development.


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