Cleaning the condominium: who thinks of the products?

With cleaning the condominium, the choice of products is really fundamental. In fact, in a large and varied space, such as an apartment building, different surfaces coexist, and it is necessary to identify the right detergent for each of these.

These floors are about to shine

Working efficiently doesn’t just mean getting the best possible results. It is necessary to identify the right substances for cleaning also to avoid damaging the most delicate parts, more sensitive than others to the incorrect use of too aggressive stain removers, capable of causing potentially permanent damage.

For this reason it is advisable to entrust the choice of products for cleaning the condominium to a professional company, an expert in the sector. Although there are many advantages, the costs, contrary to popular belief, remain substantially unchanged.

Professional and household products: which ones cost the most?

When you entrust the cleaning of the condominium to a specialized company, it is fair to ask yourself what products it will use. Each condominium, in fact, has its specific needs, and it is a sign of professionalism by a cleaning company to provide, following an accurate inspection, not only an organizational plan of intervention on the building but also a precise list of the selected products and of their characteristics.

Some condominiums and / or administrators minimize this aspect and propose to the chosen company to supply the detergents themselves, believing that the household ones cost less than the professional ones.

The price difference, at least on paper, exists. It is also important to remember two aspects, often overlooked.

The first is that professional products are much more effective; to get a similar cleaning result it is necessary to use much less product than a home-made equivalent.

The second is that a deep-rooted cleaning company that invests in its work normally enjoys significant price reductions on the purchase of products. Customers are often unaware of these discounts, which makes the difference in cost incredibly minimal.

Relying totally on the condominium cleaning service provider, therefore, is worthwhile and is a guarantee of a better result. Besides, there is another advantage.

All the advantages of using professional products for cleaning the condominium.

The advantages of using the professional products selected directly by the condominium cleaning company are innumerable. Here are some of them:

  • Each product’s technical data sheet is complete and exhaustive. The company must provide the datasheets of all the detergents used and is responsible for any damage resulting from improper use.
  • Excellent and guaranteed results. The different effectiveness of professional products compared to household ones cannot be measured only in the quantity of product necessary to achieve the result. Often, more simply, the results are not comparable: we cannot achieve the level of cleanliness achieved by the professional cleaner by its domestic equivalent.
  • Environmental sustainability. The theme of the use of eco-sustainable and harmless products for humans, animals, and the environment is a central theme, that a serious company cannot avoid. This attention to Eco-Label products has earned the ISO 14001 ecological certification, essential for ensuring an environmentally friendly cleaning service.

Trained operators, professional and eco-sustainable products, and verifiable results in line with your expectations.

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