What is the hotel cleaning frequency?

It is clear to everyone how the management of hotels has become much more complex in recent years.

Young maid cleaning in the hotel

On the one hand, customers have more tools to make their opinions on hotel facilities public, entrusting reviews that are not always fully aware to the network. To carry out the role of hotel manager professionally, new managerial skills and particular attention to detail are required.  

Correct management of the floor service , with a precise schedule of cleaning times, for example, is essential to maintain high standards of service and keep costs under control.

There are no univocal rules to establish what are the best times for cleaning in hotels, but you must rely on the experience and collaboration between the cleaning company and the managers of the accommodation facilities.

Preparing the cleaning service

The SCS Group team and the hotel management share the same precise aim: to achieve the maximum result in the shortest possible time without compromising the quality standards imposed by the structure.

To get such a level of efficiency it is necessary, first, to be found very ready at the beginning of the service. We must prepare everything from the morning on so that the work can then run smoothly, accepting with a smile even the inevitable unforeseen events.

For this, before the start of the shift, the members of the cleaning team must :

  • Reload the products in the trolleys, verifying the pre-established minimums;
  • Divide the tasks in a precise and rational way;
  • Verify the specificity of the structure object of the service.

Attention and planning are words that are very close to our hearts.

To get them at their best, the relationship between the hotel management and the room cleaning service must be very close and communications must be quick and effective.

When to clean in hotels

It is always preferable for cleaning staff to enter the rooms when guests are out . 

The reasons are pretty obvious:

  • Don’t bother customers or get in their way
  • Have room for maneuvering to perfect cleaning in less time

Unfortunately, the time when the customer will leave the room and the time when he will return can only be an assumption. In fact, if we know the number of rooms to be cleaned since the beginning of the service, the time in which the rooms will be free from guests is much more difficult to imagine.

Here, the strength of an efficient hotel cleaning service lies in the constant communication between the cleaning staff and the reception staff.

Information on the habits of guests, their removal from the structure for work or tourism reasons, or, simply, they’re sitting at the breakfast table becomes fundamental information for optimizing cleaning times.

Cleaning a room with customers inside

Even where communication is perfect, it can happen that some rooms need to be tidied up with the guests inside or that the guests themselves enter the room while the professional cleaning staff is at work.

The need to contain costs requires maintaining a reasonable average cleaning time for each single room. Eliminating downtime is a goal of primary importance.

For this reason, our hotel cleaning teams are not only in optimizing times and choosing the right procedures for each type of cleaning. But also have adequate professionalism that allows them to interact with customers by making them perceive their own hospitality of the structures in which they work.

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