Customized Beer Glasses and Other Beer Items Your Home Bar Needs

Are you ready to upgrade your home bar and elevate the way you drink your favorite beer? Whether it’s an after-work cold one or a local craft beer on the weekend, these items will help you create a classy home bar. From customized beer glasses to a home beer tap, here are some suggestions for items that can enhance your home bar. Get ready to give your beer drinking experience that extra polish you are looking for.

Customized Beer Glasses

Customized beer glasses can bring a level of luxury to any beer, whether you’re pouring it from a can or a bottle. It doesn’t matter if you are drinking a daily sipper or that fancy local brew. Beer glasses with your name, initials, or a custom image make enjoying a beer feel more classy. The beer mug is a classic glass that comes in a variety of shapes and always has a handle. If you don’t need a specific glass, like for pilsners, you’ll want to choose a mug. It’s an excellent way to keep your beer cold and at the ready.

Pilsner Glasses

You want pilsner glasses if you are drinking a pilsner or other light beer. These glasses are slim, tall, and wider at the mouth than the base. A pilsner glass helps show the beer’s clarity, bubbles, and sparkle. It will help you enjoy the aromatics under your nose by keeping the foam head for longer. This means you can get the true taste of the beer. If you do choose this option, keep in mind that pilsner glasses typically hold less beer than other beer glass styles.

Pub Glasses

Customized pub-style pint glasses are another classic option that is hard to go wrong with. These glasses are one of the most common beer glasses in America. They are a go-to choice, whether you like lagers or ales, IPAs or porters. Having custom images deeply engraved can bring a new level of style to your home bar. A deep engraving technique gives the etching a depth and shadow that other methods simply can’t match. If you aren’t choosing a mug but want versatile customized beer glasses, pub glasses are the way to go.

Customized Growler

If you have a grocery store, brewery, or growler station nearby, you can get craft beers on tap easily. But, you will need a growler to store the beer. Having a customized growler and bringing it to the brewery or store is a new level of style and efficiency when it comes to beer drinking. It’s a fun way to store beer, and you can get just the right amount of beer anytime you want. Depending on how you customize the growler, it will get people talking too.

Bottle Opener

If your favorite beer comes in a bottle, you will need a bottle opener. However, you don’t want a boring option. Instead, go for a pachinko-style game with the opener at the top. Or buy yourself a belt buckle opener. In short, choose a fun design that can impress guests when you want to crack open a cold one.

A Beer Tap

Finally, having a tap for your home can be the finishing touch for your home bar. A single tap can help you have fresh, carbonated beer ready whenever you want to kick back and relax. It’s the ultimate way to store beer at home, and using the tap with your personalized beer glasses makes for the ideal beer experience.

About Crystal Imagery

The seeds of Crystal Imagery were planted when Eric Schuchart started a side project of crafting personalized engraved glasses for his friends and family back in 2001. His glassware was met with rave reviews. In 2013, noted interior designer to the stars Sherri Blum joined Eric, and the two officially launched Crystal Imagery together. Crystal Imagery’s custom deep etching technique produces a depth and shadow that laser and rotary surface etching methods simply can’t match. Crystal Imagery offers personalized whiskey glasses, crystal ice buckets, a personalized whiskey decanter collection, flasks, travel coffee tumblers, and many other drinkware options. Add a touch of elegance to your home bar with Crystal Imagery’s deeply engraved customized glassware.

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