Here’s Why You Should Host a Webinar Panel Discussion.

Webinar Panel Discussion

Webinars are one of the most trusted and reliable methods of connecting with the audience and generating leads. These types of virtual events are effective and highly preferred. Webinars are suitable for all kinds of industries; beyond the scale, type and size. However, running webinars is not as easy and smooth as one might think. The biggest challenge that lies in hosting a webinar is selecting the right virtual platform. 

But, given that there are several Customizable virtual event platforms available out there, it gets a bit easier. So, to host an immersive webinar panel discussion, all you need is some skills and a team of experts.

But, before diving into the importance of hosting webinar panel discussions, let us know the meaning of webinar panel discussions. 

In a webinar panel discussion, a group of experts comes together to speak and discuss a particular topic. Since a panel discussion allows a group of experts together, they bring multiple opinions, which helps in broadening the knowledge. Panel discussions allow us to explore diverse opinions and viewpoints. Virtual panel discussions and in-person panel discussions are similar in every way, except their medium of hosting. Attendees and speakers gather virtually from their homes. They are hosted on 3D Virtual Event Platforms

Generally, virtual panel discussions last for 60 minutes and a group of 4-5 speakers. A virtual panel discussion is generally a roundtable discussion of the group of speakers. 

Webinar panel discussions are an add-on to the otherwise regular webinars and are getting extremely popular these days. Right from colleges to the corporate and public sector, organizations are hosting webinar panel discussions on a regular basis. 

The reason webinar panel discussions have gained enormous popularity lately, and rightly so. 

Here are a few reasons why webinar panel discussions have a bright future in the global event industry. Have a look: 

  • Increase Audience Reach: 

While physical webinar panel discussions are restricted to a few attendees, there is no such restriction in webinar panel discussions. Hence, if you are hosting a webinar panel discussion, people from anywhere in the world can watch it live. With webinar panel discussions, there’s nothing such as geographical and physical constraints. On top of that, if you have a panel of experts, there’s no way it won’t have a high audience attendance. As mentioned above, a panel discussion brings together diverse opinions; they also attract a diverse range of attendees. 

  1. Interactive

Unlike regular webinars that generally follow one-way communication, webinar panel discussions allow attendees to participate equally and present their views and opinions. Panel discussions are based on attendee engagement and enable them to interact with each other as well as the speakers themselves. A panel discussion comprises several segments; Q&A sessions are one of them. These activities help the organizers keep the attendees engaged and allow them to solve their queries. Apart from it, panel discussions involve different audience interactions and engagement tools like live polls, live chat, etc. These tools help the organizers keep the attention of the attendees hooked to the event. In addition, they also allow the attendees to express their opinions, promoting two-way communication between the attendees and the panel of speakers. Also, to boost engagement and interactivity in the panel discussions, the organizers can include gamification functionality. 

Also, by allowing the attendees to interact with the speakers themselves, the organizers are adding value to the overall attendee experience. 

  • Provide Accurate Information From Different Perspectives: 

The next reason webinar panel discussions are on a boom is that they provide the attendees an opportunity to grab solid information that comes with different perspectives. Having an understanding of all the perspectives enables the attendees to form their own balanced opinion. Webinar panel discussions are different from regular webinars or seminars because, unlike these two formats, webinar panel discussions boost interaction and are a back and forth discussion between both parties. We can define panel discussions as forums that allow the attendees and speakers to analyze a subject and come together to a conclusion. Moreover, panel discussions enable the attendees to improve their viewpoint on a subject, gain fresh perspectives, and learn a lot of new information. 

  • Set-Up Credibility Among the Targeted Audience Group: 

Another advantage of webinar panel discussions is they allow the brands to set up their credibility and authenticity among the audience and in the market. If you invite a panel of experts, people will look up to you with trust and confidence. Also, these events are a great way to win the audience’s trust and attract more audiences to your brand. Not to mention, webinars generally revolve around knowledge sharing and come with excellent opportunities to set up your brand as an expert in the industry you belong to. In addition, they allow the speakers the same. If you are a panelist, and you answer some questions of the attendees with some facts and figures, the audience will see you as an expert. It is a great way to set up your reputation in the market. 

  • Cost-Efficient and Time Effective: 

The next advantage of hosting webinar panel discussions is they allow the organizers to save money. The virtual medium doesn’t require any traveling and other expenses that come with physical panel discussions. Also, as webinar panel discussions completely eliminate the need to travel, they help the speakers and attendees save a lot of time. Also, unlike physical panel discussions, they can be set up quickly, in minimum time. Web panel discussions are beneficial for both parties. With them, there is no need to book venues a month before the event, and book flight tickets. 

If you want to expand the reach of your brand and set up yourself as an authentic and trustworthy name, webinar panel discussions are a great way. Having a group of industry experts will not only help you expand the brand’s popularity, but also boost your audience reach. Consider the above-shared ideas and reasons as to why hosting panel discussions can be a great deal for your business. Get aboard with an expert webinar panel hosting platform, and deliver an unforgettable experience. 


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