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Highest salary package for the cyber security field in India

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the process of securing networks, systems, devices and data from unauthorized access. It’s a vast domain consisting of technologies, and practices, to secure from cyber threats, and cyber attacks. The professionals specializing in this security domain are known as cyber security expert. Security has become one of the most highly challenging careers all over the world. As technology keeps on evolving, the importance of security is becoming essential for achieving organizational success and growth.

some interesting cyber security information in  2022

  • 80% of attacks are phishing attacks
  • Healthcare Industry lost billions in Ransom virus attacks
  • There will be around 4 million cyber security jobs around 2022

A good career path can be set in the cyber security field. Before starting one needs to achieve a lot of knowledge in the field. red hat Linux certification will help to start a career path in this field. A lot of job vacancies will be available in future. Companies need highly skilled and talented people in the cyber security field. A lot of experience and expertise in the domain can help one to achieve a highly paid job in this  field.

Cyber Security Job Roles and Salaries

Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is responsible for identifying cyber malware attacks, malicious bugs, and cyber-hacking attempts. Network security ensures an organization’s network security by keeping track of suspicious activities inside the network and building strong configurations for systems and devices to avoid future IT threats to the company’s information and data.

Responsibilities of a Network Security Engineer:

  • Create and configure firewalls to ensure security and data privacy.
  • configure security-related hardware devices and install software.
  • monitor the overall network system .
  • Enable security policies.
  • Perform frequent analyses to detect malicious activities and incidents.

Following are the salaries network security engineers receive in different cities in India:

Bengaluru ₹878,338/year
Chennai ₹595,862/year
Pune ₹864,704/year
Mumbai ₹682,989/year
Hyderabad ₹960,887/year

Cyber Security Analyst

A Cyber Security Analyst works in an organization to test for different system vulnerabilities. As they do different penetration testing to find the loopholes that lie hidden in the organizational network, which can be a reason to intrude and exploit the system.

Responsibilities of a Cyber Security Analyst:

  • Test and evaluate different threat patterns caused inside the system.
  • Identity any problems in the existing firewalls and encryption.
  • Be up to date with the latest  security technologies.
  • Monitor and report all unusual, unauthorized, and illegal activities.
  • Ensure recovery methods and make plans for the same.

Salary of a Cyber Security Analyst receive in India:


Bengaluru ₹632,265/year
Chennai ₹575,849/year
Pune ₹732,425/year
Mumbai ₹460,000/year
Hyderabad ₹450,000/year

Security Architect

As the name implies, security architects’ prime responsibility is to keep in check the security of organizational hardware and software. They design systems in such a way as to protect it from malicious attacks. In order to perform this, security architects have to be familiar with the tactics that the attackers use for unauthorized access.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Architect:

  • Research and design organizational system security architecture.
  • Design security policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Ensure security during new software installations, upgradations, and uninstallations.
  • Review the costs of security-related software and hardware products to bring them within budget.
  • Provide advice and awareness to company employees about security issues and the best practices to avoid them.

Salary of a Security Architect in India:

The average salary paid to a security architect is as shown below:


Bengaluru ₹2,182,678/year
Chennai ₹1,900,000/year
Pune ₹2,137,764/year
Mumbai ₹2,000,000/year
Hyderabad ₹1,600,000/year

Cyber Security Manager

A cyber security manager is responsible for enabling effective solutions in the case of computer security breaches. They provide reports to the management and employees to implement respective security measures in the system.

Responsibilities of a Cyber Security Manager:

  • prepare a plan and enable at the time of high-level IT security issues.
  • Supervise the employees in the security field.
  • Hire new employees.
  • Prepare and plan the security budget for the organization.
  • Evaluate and configure new tools and technologies.
  • Keep on developing expertise in cyberattack detection, protection, response, and recovery.


Bengaluru ₹1,662,424/year
Chennai ₹771,504/year
Pune ₹902,500/year
Mumbai ₹910,173/year
Hyderabad ₹893,000/year

The end 

The importance of security is increasing more than ever before with emerging cloud technology solutions. Cyber threats can arise at any time in any organization. The attacks are getting more sophisticated day by day. Starting a career in this booming field will be a great decision for the future.

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