How To Change Your Business Account To Personal?

Change Your Business Account

What is the difference between Cash App business and personal account?

Cash App is so popular among the people in the US that every person loves using it because of the ease, safety, and security it provides. Cash App is much faster than conventional banks. Cash App makes online payment transactions easy. Merchants, Business holders, and retailers trust Cash App to function the finances of their business because Cash App is fast and easy for their customers to use. Cash App has two types of accounts for its users. Business account and personal account.

Although, there is not much of a difference between the accounts. Both of them are free to download and install. Both of the accounts have a similar setup, transaction, Cash Card, and Cash App direct deposit except for one thing. The Cash App business account holders get 1099-k and 1099-B forms to report the taxes. 

How to change your Cash App from Business to Personal account?

If you are a merchant but you do not receive more than 200 transactions each month then you can switch or change your Cash App account from business to personal in easy steps.

Follow the steps given below to do the same.

  • Tap to open Cash App.
  • Go to profile from the top right of the homepage.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select Personal.
  • Select Change account type from the bottom of the screen.
  • Complete the security by scanning your finger or by entering the PIN.
  • Your account will change into personal from the Cash App for business account immediately.

How to change the account from personal to business?

If you are a business owner and you want to change your account from personal to business, it will only take a few seconds to do the same.

Before changing the account please note that the business account of Cash App is not free but it is also noticeable that cash App charges are much lower fees than its competitors. 

Steps to switch the account from personal to business are as follows:

  • Tap to open Cash App.
  • Go to profile.
  • Select personal from the drop-down menu. 
  • Click on change account.
  • Enter your cash app PIN or scan your fingerprint to record the security of your account.

Benefits of changing your account from business to personal 

The first and foremost reason for changing your account from business to personal includes the fact that business owners have to pay a 2.5% commission per transaction to the cash app as per the industry standard. On the other hand, accepting payments and transactions is free for personal accounts. So you do not have to pay an extra charge for every transaction you make. Personal account works fairly for small and medium-sized businesses giving all the similar features and benefits. 

Being a business owner you can purchase and sell bitcoin, invest in US stocks, and make direct deposits and transactions with your personal account as well then there is no use in paying extra charges. 

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What is the difference in the limit?

Business accounts have no limit for transactions but personal account users have a limit of $1000 of sending and receiving in 30 days. But you can easily increase your account limit by verifying your account. 

Fill in your complete details like name, date of birth, and last four digits of your SSN. By completing the verification process you will become a verified user and automatically your account limit will increase.


It is easy and profitable for small and medium-sized business owners to change their Cash App accounts from business to personal in easy steps. Though there is an advantage in terms of limit in the business account you can increase it by verifying yourself on the cash app. The main focus is if you do not have a large-scale business, paying 2.5% per transaction is of no use.

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