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How to Create Fun Summer Nail Art at Home and Finish with a Gel Top Coat

You want to show off cute, seasonally styled nails during summer. Yet trips to the nail salon can take time and money. Plus, the products used by salons sometimes contain questionable ingredients. Ultimately, you’ll be better off getting vegan nail polishes free of formaldehyde and other potentially harsh ingredients to keep at home. That way, you can do your mani-pedi and finish it off with a high-quality gel top coat. First, use these tips to get some adorable, DIY ideas for summer.

Pick Up Summer Shades

Summer colors are a must for seasonal DIY manicures and pedicures. Think of nail polish shades like coral, peach, and turquoise. If you usually lean towards darker hues, there’s an easy way to choose summer colors that suit you. All you have to do is think of colors that remind you of mermaids, like a shimmery dark teal or navy blue. You will also want stand-out colors like white to offset the others when you create a design. You can enhance the look of these shades with a luxe gel top coat.

Give Summer Nails a Clean Slate

The key to a good mani-pedi is a clean nail surface. You should remove any previous nail color before applying a new one. So, you will need a high-performance nail polish remover. There are different kinds of nail polish remover available. But a non-acetone fingernail polish remover can help your nails continue to feel strong and nourished. It will give your next manicure a cleaner and healthier-looking start.

Use Tools Around the House

If you’re going to do a DIY design, you don’t have to do something fancy to make it look good. You can use little tools around the house, like the end of a chopstick, a safety pin, or a pen to make the designs. They’re perfect for polka-dots and simple flowers and easy to experiment with. Applying a gel top coat after you’ve let your cute new designs dry will help them look like you went to a salon.

Allow the Colors to Dry Completely

Colors and designs must dry most, if not all, of the way before you apply the top coat. This is because you don’t want the colors to run or your design to be altered by applying the top coat. Using a gel top coat when the colored polishes aren’t dry could be a recipe for disaster. Let those first coats of polish dry while you catch up on your favorite show, read a book (carefully), or work on your tan.

Apply A Quality Gel Top Coat

Manicures and pedicures are not complete without a gel top coat. A top coat can help you get a longer-lasting mani-pedi, whether you create designs or paint your nails a simple solid color. Like your nail polish, ensure the gel top coat is free of potentially harsh ingredients. Such components could damage your nails. Use a top coat that helps your nails feel stronger and ready to take on summer activities. You should find one from the same company offering polish with cleaner ingredients.

When you want your nails to look cute for summer, sometimes all you need is premium nail care products. That includes high-performance nail polish and a gel top coat. You can master sweet little details like polka dots and flowers with things you have around the house. No salon trip required.

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