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How to Scale your Shopify eCommerce Store?

Scaling any business includes analyzing new opportunities and strategies for growing your company. It can boost revenues and can also establish a store’s brand in the market. 

This asks you to make a few changes. But, if you are a Shopify owner, then you are in luck. Shopify is a user-friendly ecommerce platform that makes it simple to implement changes that make you reach all your scaling goals. If you are seeking to scale up the online store, you can cook at the right place. Here, in the article, we listed a few lists of tried and tested tips regarding how to scale your Shopify store. Let’s give in. 

1. Befriend  SEO 

Search Engine Optimization makes sure your Shopify store is displayed on top of the search results while your user is looking for your niche products. It is vital as consumers tend to click first page results than the ones at the bottom. 

Simply put,  high SEO rankings boost traffic to the store. So,  scaling Shopify ecommerce with SEO can bring new clients. As people clock on your websites, you can request to add their location in the order fulfillment. So, expanding to new countries makes it easy as people there already become your consumers. 

Here are the tips to improve SEO for the Shopify Site

  •  Keywords are essentials that users add to search engines while searching for a product. So, look out for these words in the niche then utilize them in the product descriptions & store content. 
  • Register Shopify site over Google Search Console that places you on Google’s radar. That makes sure your store is indexed while grabbing search results.
  •  If targeted consumers invest time in the Shopify store, then it boosts SEO rankings. As it tells Google that your website fulfills the search criteria.
  • Utilize keywords on relevant pages. So, if the keywords are attracted by a search engine, then the link leads people straight to the product that they are seeking.

2. Find Affiliates

If you are in eCommerce before, you know about influencers. Overall, influencer marketing is tough to track and might not offer good value. That’s where affiliates come. Affiliates can be good influencers. 

If you like to scale consumer acquisition. Then you should enlist affiliates for pushing products for a commission over sales generated by the audience. You could also call brand ambassadors. You need to look for journalists, bloggers, and individuals who have engaged the audience. That can push more out of your products regularly.

Many businesses pay their affiliates within  10-15% of the revenue produced. You could track this in many ways. Start with a promo code.  Affiliates promote products and offer a promo code that brings value to the audience. Then use trackable links. Use affiliate software, to track the link conversions and clicks.  

3. Fight against Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a situation where people visit your Shopify store and add items to the shopping carts yet don’t buy them. It’s common in any online store however the main goal here is to reduce it as much as possible.

How to do it? Well, start with finding why your consumers are abandoning the carts. There are several drop shipping and tracking apps to use. If you think that you are losing  more  sales because of cart abandonment then there are a few things to look at again:

  • Maybe the high shipping fees could lead to abandoned carts.  Negotiate good rates with the shipping partners. 
  • Complex payment processes can turn purchases tedious. That makes it tough for consumers to input data. Streamline the checkout process to be simple and secure Modify the shipping policy for addressing any shipping problems.
  • Adding a return and  refunds policy makes it easy for propel to send their order back
  • If you are asking for more personal data while checking out,  spark suspicion regarding your business that leads to cart abandonment.

4.  Automation Support

Scaling your ecommerce business includes a list of time and efforts. There are many tasks which are beyond you, that make people spend more time than normal in finishing them. 

If you like to scale the online business then you should follow automation. That can save you time and resources which are consumed while performing these tasks. It supports businesses in optimizing resources and saves time for crucial tasks such as creating content or marketing campaigns. 

For example, the best Shopify agency as NOIR & BLANCO helps with services you need to retarget abandoned carts, enhance sales, and promote similar content depending on people’s interests. Furthermore, chatbots also help in automating a part of the consumer’s service. Like responding to the customer questions 24/7.


Remember that you don’t need to implement these ideas at once. Although a few ideas that are mentioned here might not help you.  Being a Shopify owner, it’s your task to understand potential. You should find out how to reach the long-term goals and strategies &  tools to utilize. 

You don’t know what can happen in the world of e-commerce. A little thing that worked for other businesses might not work with you. Carefully plan a powerful foundation for creating momentum and maintaining that progress forward. If you don’t know how to do it, then experts at NOIR & BLANCO can do it for you.   

NOIR & BLANCO specialized to ensure websites are ready to scale. With a year of experience, you can instantly feel that you are in the right place after contacting them. Right from planning to analyzing, the team is an expert at everything.  Contact us today. 

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