I Feel Ghosts – Kid Cudi Hoodie Review

I Feel Ghosts – Kid Cudi Hoodie Review

I Feel Ghosts! After the huge success of his first album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, Kid Cudi’s follow-up album was highly anticipated by his diehard fans and new listeners alike. And it didn’t disappoint! Between the stunningly beautiful music videos and his instantly recognizable vocals, it was an instant classic from start to finish. I Feel Ghosts, one of the best tracks from the album and possibly my favorite song of all time, tells the story of him being haunted by the ghosts of all that he has done in his past life and how he will be remembered if he dies today.

How the Design Stacks Up

The graphic on I Feel Ghost hoodie is based off of a photograph from Kid Cudi’s latest album, Man on The Moon: The End of Day. It’s already become a cult classic and might be one of his best albums yet. One thing I enjoy about artists with unique designs is that most people don’t have tattoos based off their art which makes it easier to standout with in your normal outfit choices.

Quality, Materials and Size

Just like all of Kid Cudi merch I feel ghosts is a quality piece of art. The hoodie is made of a heavyweight cotton and has reinforced stitching, which makes it durable. The fleece lining on inside makes it cozy and warm while not too heavy or hot. In terms of size, I’d say they run true to size but I have found that clothes in general are often bigger than their American counterparts. In other words, I’m a medium in American clothing but a small in European clothing. If you’re worried about sizing or color options then maybe wait for them to restock so you can see what others are saying about sizing.

What Others Are Saying About This Item

I feel ghosts! As if I just entered into a whole new galaxy. I feel like I’m floating on air! (Claire Corbett, 47) The design is really awesome, there are space glows and stars all over. Even in my darkest moments when I’m feeling sad about a dead relative, it’s comforting to know that they’re still with me even in a little way. (Samantha Denton, 27) I love how Man on The Moon is part of the background art work!

Customer Service Experience

When I ordered my kid cudi hoodie, I expected it to arrive in about two weeks. However, when it was still missing two weeks later, I became concerned and emailed their customer service department for assistance. After explaining my concern to their customer service rep via email. They responded promptly by saying that due to a shipping delay on other orders, mine had been delayed as well. Within 24 hours of receiving their email response, I had received notice that my order had shipped and arrived at my home three days later! This is by far one of the best online shopping experiences I’ve ever had.

My Final Opinion on This Product

More than your typical hoodie, Kid Cudi’s lucky me i see ghosts hoodies are sure to impress and comfort. Its two-tone design comes in three styles. Galactic is a navy blue color that features white stars printed on its front and back; ente…galactic has a dark black color that features navy stars on its front and a lighter navy print on its back; and idontliquor has a large golden cursive word liquor on one side with corresponding text reading i don’t on the other. The lucky me i see ghosts hoodies are comfortable, warm, durable, and go well with any pair of pants or shorts. It’s made from 60% cotton/40% polyester for easy care and handling.

Kid Cudi Lucky me i see ghosts hoodie

In 2009, Rapper Kid Cudi was inspired by a dream in which he was attacked by an evil spirit. He awoke from his sleep and went straight to his laptop to write down an idea for his next album. Later that year, he released Man on The Moon: The End of Day. Which featured a theme about his nightmares of being haunted by spiritual beings as well as his previous addictions. His 2011 single  Pursuit of Happiness  has him rapping about seeing ghosts in corporate offices. It seems like ghosts have followed him into real life.

Man on the moon 3 hoodie

As a true fan of Kid Cudi. It’s hard not to be excited about his new Man on The Moon 3 album. However, there’s one thing that I have been especially anxious about; what is he going to do with his upcoming tour? After watching his recent video for Judgmental Count. I’m even more convinced that he will amaze us all with an extraordinary concert experience. It was quite a surprise when some fans noticed a hoodie in the background of his video (can be seen at 0:38). Not only did he design and wear such a piece himself but it also features bold prints of creatures from outer space.

enter galactic hoodie

I’d give it four out of five stars. The music is a little repetitive, but I like it enough to listen to some more. And that says a lot coming from me. My only issue with it is how long I have to wait for his next album. Which really should be sooner than later. But for now, at least he’s going out with a bang (or maybe something less dramatic. Depending on your opinion of how he put his rap career on hiatus in order to enter into indie film production). This hoodie is definitely worth buying if you’re a fan of Kid Cudi or want an awesome gift for someone who has recently gone through hard times and could use a pick-me-up.

size guaid

your hoodie should never be loose-fitting. you should never feel air blowing through it. Even when you’re not wearing a shirt underneath. Having your hoodie too big means that your shoulder seams won’t align with your shoulder joints. Trust me on that one; i’ve been wearing clothes and listening to people describe their fitting problems for years now.

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