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Best Hotels For Unmarried Couples In Rishikesh

Rishikesh or the Yoga Capital of the World is a small town in Uttarakhand. Here a lot of tourists come to enjoy different types of adventures and perform yoga. People also visit this place for relaxation, fun, nature, and temples. Many married or unmarried couples visit Rishikesh for enjoying a fun-filled trip. Every type of travel enthusiast wants to visit Rishikesh at least once. And, this place invites couples the most.

If you are unmarried couple . But want to explore this amazing city together. Can easily do so as there are many hotels available that welcome unmarried couples. Such hotels are known as couple-friendly hotels and they allow unmarried couples to stay together and spend some quality time amidst the valleys.

Best hotels for unmarried couples in Rishikesh

If you are wondering about the fact that are unmarried couples allowed to stay together in a hotel in Rishikesh then the answer is Yes. If two adults have a mutual consent of staying together for spending some quality time then they have the right to do so. There are many budget hotels in Rishikesh that offer accommodation to the unmarried couples. These hotels are known as couple-friendly hotels. Some of the best hotels are:

  • Shaantam resorts & spa
  • Aloha on the Ganges
  • The Narayana Palace by Salvus
  • Summit by the Ganges Beach Resort & Spa
  • The Hideaway Bedzzz
  • MVT Guest House & Restaurant
  • The Roseate Ganges, and more.

You can choose any type of hotel as per your preference and budget. If you want a resort stay then you can go for the best resorts of Rishikesh as there is no issue of unmarried couples staying in these resorts. Also, you can check out the OYO rooms too if you are looking for some budget hotels in Rishikesh.

What are the terms & conditions of staying at a couple-friendly hotel in Rishikesh?

There are no such major terms and conditions of staying at a couple-friendly hotel in Rishikesh. You just need to be adults, i.e., 18 years of age and must posses a valid government ID like Aadhar card, voter ID, driver’s license, passport, etc., to show as a proof at the hotel for check in.

Are these couple-friendly hotels safe?

Yes, these hotels are completely safe as there is no law to prohibit a couple from staying in a hotel together. Also, you will never face any harassment or judgement in such couple-friendly hotels as they are meant for couples only and they ensure complete safety to the guests. Also, you will be treated as normal guests as they do not distinguish you as someone different. You will get the best service and excellent hospitality.

How to book a couple-friendly hotel in Rishikesh?

It is always better to book a hotel in advance whenever you are planning a trip to somewhere. If you want to book a couple-friendly hotel then opt for online hotel booking and select couple-friendly hotels in Rishikesh. Online booking is very simple, you just need to fill the basic details like check in and check out dates along with the number of people or rooms required. After hitting the search button, you will get a lot of options from which you can select the one that you need as per your requirement or budget. Filtering your search as per couple-friendly will provide you the list of the hotels that welcome unmarried couples. After selecting the hotel, you can book your room by making online payment.

Rishikesh is a city that has many attractions for the travellers like river rafting, camping, bungee jumping, etc. If you want to plan your trip to explore Rishikesh, indulge in yoga, and enjoy different sports activities then book your accommodation in advance to ensure zero hassle on your trip to Rishikesh.

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