Invoicing vs automatic billing – ONE MISTAKE Coaches can FIX TODAY to generate rapid and consistent growth

Buzops Invoicing vs automatic billing

Coaches — Did you know research shows that Auto-payments encourage customers to spend more; given that they aren’t looking at how much they are spending on a regular basis.

This most likely happens to you. If you are paying your electric bill on auto-payment, check to see how much you spend in Invoicing vs automatic billing.

Auto-payments provide real benefits to both businesses and customers.
Here 👇 are some benefits to you as a business owner.

⚠️Problem: Invoicing cost you time and Time = $$:
✅Benefit: Switch to Auto Recurring Billing and reduce the overall amount of time you spend collecting payments today

⚠️Problem: Unnecessary overhead expenses
✅Benefit: Switch to Auto Recurring Billing and forgo expenses on paper and hourly costs

⚠️Problem: Customer dissatisfaction and tension in your relationship with your client
✅Benefit: Improved customer experience. Auto pays eliminate embarrassing accrued late fees and annoying client email reminders.

⚠️Problem: Unpredictable Cash flow each month
✅Benefit: Monthly stable revenue (no waiting around for the customer to send in a the payment — you bill on a predetermined billing date.. according to your schedule)

⚠️Problem: Cancellations/Churn
✅Benefits: Clients stay signed up to your services longer: (if they are enjoying your services and receiving great value from it, by eliminating monthly invoicing your clients aren’t looking at how much they spend on a regular basis, and they won’t have second thoughts because of “money numbers”)

⚠️Problem: Reduces likelihood of creating up-selling offers because of your clients acute awareness of the monthly invoices.
✅Benefits: Clients purchase more add-on services (they are focus on the benefits not on the cost). Research shows that people spend more on services when they are on auto, recurring payment.

Buzops Software meet CRM’s

Up and Running with CRM’s

In this rapidly growing subscription based business economy, it is paramount to have already implemented a CRM software tool, better known as a Customer Retention Management system.

It is crucial your CRM system communicates clearly to your Subscription Management software. If they aren’t being properly managed you could easily duplicate information for both your CRM and your subscription management software, leading to ongoing client management and reporting errors.

Streamline with CRM connection

Buzops Software eliminates this issue and many more by simply connecting your CRM directly to Buzops.

When you get a lead, or you are nurturing your prospects through the process of a sale in your CRM, Buzops follows along with your pipeline and ensures proper data transcription, enhancing and streamlining your business processes.

Buzops Software “KO’s” Human Error

Revenue Loss

If you are not using the best software solutions created for subscription businesses, one highly prevalent problem you might encounter is the inevitable “human error”.

A common scenario might included multiple name entries due to misspelling errors when registering a client in each separate system. Other errors include payment form mistakes and co-mingling client payment or transaction ID’s.

Not only do these errors slow-down processes, but it also creates unnecessary data discrepancy issues which translate into payment cycle revenue loss.

With Buzops Software, you knock-out the opportunity for these potential human errors by allowing time-tested and scrutinized automation to take its place.

Sharpen your Digital Documentation, not your Pencil

Agreements get Authorized

Sign agreements that can be stored on your Buzops access portal, accessible to you and your clients.

Clients can e-sign from their phone or tablet using a text or email link, or they can e-sign in person at your store. With Buzops you won’t need paper agreements, and you won’t need to find an alternative e-signature solution for your business.

Approved Templates by our Legal team

Buzops clients benefit from an archive of proven-to-work, pre-written, templates, already approved by our business attorneys; these documents are ready to go and can easily be used as your subscription or service agreement.

One Software Solution that …

Easily Manages every aspect of your paid membership programs
from a Single Browser Tab

…is made simple, intuitive, and affordable. All in one platform you can access from anywhere.

Built by Business Owners

We heard you (well at least people with businesses just like yours) and we did the research. With what we have created, you now have what you need to move your business forward.

Not only are we business owners based right here in the U.S.A, but we are constantly evolving our platform. This means your challenges become our challenges, and we will do whatever it takes to overcome them.

We believe in simplicity of business software.


To provide intuitive, integrated, and user-friendly software tools and services to suit every business.

Buzops offers a wide range of expertise and provides cost-effective IT solutions, helping businesses re-invent themselves and emerge successful in an ever-changing and dynamic market.

Our broad spectrum of clients includes industries from fitness, healthcare, communications, Finance

With Buzops, all the emails you send through the platform will be received by your clients from YOUR own personal email to which they can REPLY.

✨You can make it as easy for your clients to find your emails as you decide while enhancing their experience with your business. ✨

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