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Think Exam CBT Platform help students in making them familiar with actual exam scenarios

Conventional testing has shifted to the modern method of testing. This means students are anticipated to take crucial assessments on the computer instead of traditional examinations. Students are becoming familiar with the process. The examination is still in the transition stage. They are especially measuring the capabilities of the test taker who exhibits problem-solving techniques. With pen and paper assessment it is highly challenging to assess the capabilities.

Computer Based Test is an alternative approach that would give hands-on experience to the candidate. The best way to prepare them is to make them practice by designing quizzes and assessments. It would not only make them comfortable but also, develop their skills. If compared to the traditional examination method, writing long answers was hard for the students, and managing time was not easy. Teachers can curate tests where students can right the response timely. This would help in enhancing students’ time management skills.

Motivating students to write responses by generating awareness. However, there are some legitimate concerns that teachers should not overlook such as lack of digital literacy, shortage of computers, internet bandwidth, and cost barriers. Initially, examination authorities were skeptical about the security concerns during the exam, with a remote proctoring solution, there are negligible chances for cheating during the exam. Right from student identification to generating reports it does everything.

CBT Test is increasing flexibility, efficiency, authenticity, and accuracy. It is a defensible subject to a paper-based test. 

Applications of Computer Based Testing

The computer-based test consists of multiple applications. Here are some key applications; 

  • CBT for conducting Academic examinations: Computer-based exams have gained popularity in the education domain. It is witnessing a profound shift in conducting assessments. The major reason for this shift is the advantages it is offering, for example; enhancing delivery, efficient administration and scoring, upgrading test security, etc. CBT is becoming an important part of the education system. 
  • CBT for conducting certification program: Computer Based Tests are also used for identifying the knowledge of the candidate in a specific occupational area. It is an indispensable tool for conducting assessments for professionals. Many organizations are conducting CBT exams for determining their skill set. The learning outcomes are measured using a CBT test according to the predefined standards. 

Think Exam CBT ensuring examination proficiency 

Think Exam CBT consists of high-end technology and superior infrastructure. It is altering the process of examination delivery as well as enhances the candidate’s experience. It includes technology-equipped infrastructure for maintaining the integrity and security of the exam. Think Exam caters to Entrance Exams, Distance Learning, Internal Exams, Quiz Competitions, Scholarship Tests, and Recruitment Exams. Also,

Think Exam is also dynamic end-to-end online examination platform for conducting secure and seamless online examinations and assessments.


Thus we can say that, examination in today’s scenario is student-centric. It is certifying that it would reach out to the candidate sitting across the nation. With Computer Based Test, candidates can manage their time during exams and educators can curate multiple question formats for assessing the student’s skills. 

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