New Breitling Replica Chronomat Collection

The Chronomat is one of the most significant models in Breitling Replica‘s history.

Introduced in 1984,when the fashion for extremely thin quartz watches was at its peak,

the brand made the bold decision to bet on a mechanical model and it managed to become an absolute hit.

Almost 40 years later,the Chronomat is back with a new design that fits perfectly with today’s generation of active,

purposeful and stylish men and women.

The new Chronomat is a truly multi-functional sports watch that you could feel comfortable wearing both on the red carpet and on the beach.

The distinctive features of the classic model from the 80s have been preserved,

making it easily recognizable.

The striking vintage Rouleaux style chain with transparent clasp is a symbol of the skillful transition from retro to modern style.

Breitling replica

  We can safely say that the Chronograph is the fruit of Breitling Replica’s rich history

while simultaneously embodying their vision for the future.

With its appearance in 1984,the original Chronomat sparked a welcome return to mechanical Swiss watches,

after the long dominance of quartz on the market in the 1970s.

Breitling Replica celebrates its centenary with the new Chronomat collection,inspired by the 1983 collaboration with Italian pilot Freche Tricolori.

This model becomes symbolic for the company and makes it recognizable all over the world.

The technical heritage combined with the modern and stylish design make the Chronograph the absolute sport-elegant watch of its time.

Its modern spirit is due to the pronounced aesthetics and the air of confidence.

Although this model is known as the first choice of aviators around the world,

it is far from the only area in which it is preferred.

It has numerous admirers among adventurous people not only in the sky,

but also in the sea and earth latitudes.

It was this versatility that attracted the attention of Formula 1 drivers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The modern and ardent adventurers of the 21st century will be equally drawn to the daring spirit of the Chronometer–the perfect embodiment of authentic,

everyday luxury for active and stylish men and women.

The redesign of the 2020 model.

with some improvements on the original it would catch the eye of anyone with an eye for detail.

In the words of Breitling Replica CEO George Kern:“The Chronomat from 1984.

occupies a very important place in the history of modern watchmaking.

This is the watch through which we boldly proclaimed that Breitling will remain completely true to its roots and heritage.

At a time when all the brands in the industry were trying to follow the fashion of quartz watches,

the Chronomat reminded the world that Breitling was the originator of the modern mechanical chronograph.

This collection is a wonderful way to honor the incredible watch that,more than any other model,has connected us to our heritage.

Breitling used the Chronomat name for several of its models from the 1940s,

and in those early years the term mostly meant”mathematical chronograph.

The 1984 model.

however,it carries a new and different meaning–combining the words“chronograph”and“automatic”turns the focus to the self-winding mechanism that powers the watch.

Meet The Breitling Chronomat Collection–Details Of Traditional Design And Its Place In Watchmaking History

The Chronomat collection presents us with a new generation of the watch,which reinforces Breitling Replica’s bold decision to reclaim its title as one of the finest mechanical watch manufacturers.

Each watch in the collection has distinctive features that make it easily recognizable:

(1)The distinctive rotating bezel is highlighted by riders,

(2)which not only protect the crystal,but make movement of the bezel much easier.

(3)The 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock readers,

like the original,are interchangeable so that the wearer can use them to count backwards and forwards.

(3Highly recognizable retro Rouleaux style stainless steel chain with transparent clasp)

Caliber 01,which has the exceptional power of 70 hours.

Another impressive detail about the model is that this mechanism was first introduced 10 years ago precisely in the Chronomat 01.

The hands of each Chronomat B01 42 have a special coating of Super LumiNova®luminescent material that improves visibility in all conditions and low light.

All models except Chronomat Freche Tricolori limited series have a red second hand,

which also contributes to easy reading of the time.

Like all Breitling Replica watches,

All models in the series are water resistant up to 200 meters.


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