Rolex Replica Explorer II ref.216570

The Rolex Replica Explorer II is known to be the watch of the globetrotter who travels the globe thin to discover and explore in both the bright hours of the day and the dark hours of the night with a watch on the arm that can guide and give the absolutely accurate time,no matter where on earth you located.

First and foremost,the Rolex Replica Explorer is one of the first wristwatches designed specifically for exploration and discovery.

And although there are probably few people who buy an Explorer II to climb Mount Everest or explore Son Doong,

the world’s largest cave in Vietnam,it has what it takes to cope with many of the earth’s harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures.

The orange shows the

The Explorer II was introduced to the market in 1971,and is particularly known for the bright orange dial.

The hand means that you can keep an eye on the time in two different time zones with the help of the watch bezel,

which shows whether it is day or night.

And it must be said to be a good thing if you were to find yourself in the northern arctic circle during the summer,

where the sun never sets,and it can therefore be difficult to find out day and night.

White polar disc

Now that we are at the freezing point,the Explorer II ref.

216570 with the dial,called white polar,which provides the perfect contrast against the completely orange 24-hour hand.

The white dial also plays well against the clock’s index,hour,minute and second hands,which are white surrounded by black.

Shining in the darkness of the night

As the tool watch it is now,it can of course also glow in the dark.

Because what is a tool watch without its luminescent properties?

Therefore,the index and hands of the watch are covered by Rolex’s blue Chromalight,which is a luminescent substance Rolex launched in 2008 on the Deepsea Sea-dweller.

According to Rolex Replica,the blue luminescent material can glow for up to eight hours.

That’s more than double what other luminescent materials can do,

making it perfect for exploring even the deepest caves with.

replica rolex

Robust steel watch

Since the Explorer II was launched on the market in 1971,

it has undergone some changes.

Despite that,it is still a robust watch made to tick the lifetime of a polar explorer.

The watch is made of Rolex Replica’s own 904L steel,

measures 42mm and has a thickness of approximately 13mm,which makes it a robust tool watch.

Ref.216570 comes with the automatic in-house movement caliber 3187.

Like all other Rolex Replica watches,

it is tested to perfection and can therefore boast of being a”certified Swiss chronometer”.

It is a title which is of course only given to the most precise watches that have undergone and passed the COSC(Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute)test.

So you can be sure that it is a watch that ticks to perfection,no matter where you are on the globe.

The watch comes on an oyster chain with an oysterlock as well as easylink,

which allows the chain to be extended in case you are out exploring in the hot jungle.

The watch is also waterproof down to 100m,if you are more into discoveries in the depths of the sea.

The price of this beauty is DKK 54,900 with a suggested price of between DKK 57,000-58,000.

Are you going exploring in the company of your new friend in the form of the Explorer II ref.


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