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Plumbing: 10 Tips to avoid problems in your home

Plumbing Tips

It is very common in homes that the keys, pipes, etc. suffer damage. Therefore, we must be prepared and have tools at hand that can help us solve these problems. We are going to show you some of the most common situations that occur daily in homes and the tools that you must have, yes or yes, to solve them.

Some problems that may arise:

1) Dripping faucets: This is one of the most common problems in homes. Faucets are very easily damaged, but it is not that difficult to fix them. The first thing you should do is turn off the stopcock (do this whenever you go to fix a plumbing problem). Then, use a thread seal or electrical tape.

2) Damage to the key due to tightening too hard: In this case, the rubber or packing must be changed, since it wears out frequently. Have a wrench or parakeet handy to open the tap; then, you must remove the worn rubber, put a new one and use thread sealing tape. Here are some HVAC Tips

3) Leaks in the pipe: If you have a leak, you must be very quick by closing the stopcock, first. If the leak is small, you can cover some of the damage with duct tape by rolling it up several times. First dry everything and then put the tape.

4) The strainer was clogged: If when you bathe you notice that the water does not go down, this is because the strainer is clogged. To solve it, it is time to remove the grids with a screwdriver and, with the help of tweezers, remove everything that prevents the passage of water. You can also use a drain plunger to fix this problem.

5) The kitchen sink was covered: It’s the same thing that happens in the shower. It can happen when washing dishes, since the garbage gets stuck in the sink and produces unpleasant odors. In this case, a drain plunger is the ideal option

6) Water leaks in the toilet: The first thing is to identify where the leak is coming from; can be several options. If it is the valve, it may not be sealing properly and allowing water to pass through. You must have the parakeet key to fix it (remember to close the stopcock). Remove the pipe that carries the water to the tank with the wrench and put Teflon or thread-sealing tape on it. Then, rearrange everything in the order it was. Consult here for Water Leaking Services

7) Damaged valve: You will have to change it completely and put a new one. Take into account the model of your tank. To fix the valve, empty the tank. It should be completely empty. With your parakeet key, remove the outer part that joins the key where the water passes through, put the new gasket and put everything back in its place.

8) Water next to the toilet: When this happens, it means that the toilet has a crack. To solve this problem, you can use silicone. First, dry everything and then apply silicone all over the toilet. Check after the leak has stopped; If not, it may be for another reason…

9) Bad odors in the bathroom: You can use a wax collar that is placed between the toilet and the drain pipe. The neck will stop bad odors and, in addition, it will prevent leaks under the cup, so it can also help you with leaking problems.

10) Leaks or mold: Water leaks can cause humidity, which over time affects health. To avoid them, it is very important to use anti fungal sealants. They are placed between the joints of the materials, in the sinks, showers, etc.
Those were some problems that can arise. Now you know what tools to use to solve them and what to do when they happen.


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