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Things To Do Before Calling An HVAC Pro

The constant usage of our heating and cooling units makes HVAC maintenance quite significant. However, some of us tend to become hasty when taking care of our units. With every season changing, it is vital to take the necessary steps to avoid costly repairs.

A reliable HVAC system needs its components to function correctly and distribute the conditioned air throughout home or building. Its basic elements include the blower motor, heat exchanger, air ducts, combustion chamber, and heat. For ventilation and air distribution, only the system’s functionality promotes good Indoor air quality (IAQ) but is also essential to maintain the system.

Asking the advice of professionals is highly vital. But sometimes, all it needs are a few checks and re-checks by yourself before calling anyone. Let’s look at some of the essential troubleshooting tips that you may want to perform before an HVAC professional:

Test The Air Filters

It is pretty common for homeowners to find themselves in a circle of stress as soon as they seem any irregularity in the unit’s functionality. Such issues could be due to the presence of dirty or clogged pores. Therefore before jumping to conclusions, it is better to check the filters or replace them if the requirement arises. If your surroundings consist of numerous construction zones, fields, or even pets, it is wise to have multiple filters to experience smooth replacement. You can follow a schedule of checking the air filters every month and replacing them within 6 to 12 months.

Check Circuit Breakers and Vents

During installing other appliances, it is common for breakers or power switches to turn off. Some homes have it in the garage, hallway, basement, or storage room. It would be wise if you should check the circuit breaker as sometimes the problem is resolvable by merely turning a switch back on.

As a unit owner, you would know that vents are highly sensitive. It is essential to place plants or furniture at a reasonable distance from the vents. It will help check the grills, ducts, and vents for any potential blockage as it can cause problems in the airflow.

Look Out For Power Outages And Batteries

It is best to check that you are receiving proper power. It is a common cause that can result in irregular airflow. If you are experiencing such a concern, it would be best to call in your homeowner before diving deep into resolving the issue.

In many cases, problems such as blocked vents can be the residing issue, but sometimes the complication is as simple as replacing the batteries. If the thermostat shows signs of working improperly, you should consider replacing the batteries.

Problems With The Outside Unit

When resolving the HVAC unit problems, we often tend to avoid checking the HVAC system. We shouldn’t forget that it is quite an essential part of the system, especially airflow. Elements such as branches or leaves can damage the overall functionality of the entire system. It is best to keep at least 3 feet area clean and debris-free. You can use a hose to rinse the system to remove any debris after shutting down the power. It will assist in attaining a smooth airflow.


With scheduled AC repair and service, the life of the HVAC system can extend significantly. The more you know about your unit, the better you will resolve it swiftly. If you are unable to understand the problem by any chance, don’t try solving it by yourself. Under such situations, it would be ideal to call in a professional such as Bob’s Climate Control.

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