Reliable cleaning services? Advice for administrators

Anyone who professionally administers one or more buildings is well aware of the difficulties encountered when finding a reliable company to assign the task of cleaning the common areas. It is not at all easy to choose the right partner for this important activity to be carried out regularly and with particular attention, because the cleaning companies

Who to rely on for the professional cleaning of the schoolyard?

Cleaning the places where children are present has always been important to protect their health, but now sanitation and sanitation operations have become indispensable. If everything seems to be clear for the interior spaces because there is great attention in the search for specialized companies that respect all the necessary protocols. […]

Are you looking for a specialist cleaning company?

Most likely the majority of those reading this article are looking for a cleaning company and know exactly what to expect when they find the company that can provide this service. A small part of those who contact a cleaning company, on the other hand, think that it can carry out an infinite number of jobs related to maintenance. […]

How to clean bathroom tiles: tips and tricks

The bathroom is a particularly difficult place when it comes to cleaning the house. Find out how to clean bathroom tiles perfectly! […]

How to remove a patina on the treated parquet in your office

Every workplace must have characteristics that make it pleasant, functional, and safe. Even the smallest detail can make the difference when you want to create comfortable and beautiful environments. An office with an imperfect floor can communicate neglect to employees and, above all, to the customers who frequent it […]

The cost of condominium cleaning

The “price” item when it comes to condominium cleaning is always one of the first on the list of questions that condominiums ask during assemblies. Condominium administrators find themselves having to act as arbitrators when discussions about the costs for these essential services become very animated and often cannot tell the condominiums what they would like. […]

Office cleaning supplies: what to ask the cleaning company

A cleaning company must be able to satisfy customers from every point of view, even when the requests reach the border of the already contracted items and professional skills. They questioned the most common case inherent in this borderline situation about supplies of office cleaning materials. Customers increasingly. […]

How to choose the best quote for office cleaning

That of the estimate for the cleaning of the offices is a fundamental choice for the good running of a business. Indeed, it is clear that a well-cleaned office increases the well-being of its occupants and, their productivity. All this without taking into account the germs and bacteria that lurk among the shelves. […]

Fundamental requirements for condominium cleaning companies

The professionalism of a company that proposes itself for the cleaning of your condominium is measured in many respects, from the choice of the right equipment and products for your needs to an efficient organization of work that allows you to keep costs within fixed limits. But when you choose to entrust the cleaning […]

Sanitation of environments: you save 50%

The sanitation of the workplace has become a necessity to start living and producing safely again. We must go well beyond a thorough cleaning of surfaces in contact with people, floors, and all furniture and tools that you touch with your hands, to be sure that they are not present. […]

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